Mona Lisa Gaze

Let’s start this wonderful week with sketch-a-day watercolor painting from August. I named the work Mona Lisa Gaze because the painting resembles her a little even though I didn’t use da Vinci’s Mona Lisa as reference. There is something similar going on on the smize. My lady’s red eye expression is mysterious and kind.monalisagaze_painting_ellimaanpaa_2014

In the close up you can see that besides yellow and red watercolor I used mechanical pencil.


Here is the instagram photograph of the same painting.


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Goldfish Maiden

This painting Goldfish Maiden had many faces if you look at the making of -pictures below. It started as very fragile watercolor painting but then adding new layers of ink and gouache paint made much more rough and layered. I still like the result. How about you?goldfishmaiden_ellimaanpaa_painting_2014_5goldfishmaiden_ellimaanpaa_painting_2014_1 goldfishmaiden_ellimaanpaa_painting_2014_2 goldfishmaiden_ellimaanpaa_painting_2014_6