I mentioned this project briefly before but now it’s happening. Taitteessa is an short vlog style documentation of Media studies in Turku Arts Academy in Turku University of Applied Sciences. Us four students – Kia, Emilia, Venla and I – filmed our study life during January 2017. Emilia and Venla study Advertisement, Kia studies Journalism and I study Animation. The Taitteessa workgroup edited the material into four times four short episodes. Two first episodes from each of us have already come out. The next episode featuring me will come out on Wednesday on the Turun AMK:n Taideakatemia facebook page. And on Friday on the TurunAMK YouTube page. Below is the trailer. Episodes 1 and 2 you can find by clicking one or two. Enjoy also the selection of my crazy facial expressions in these video thumbnails.



Finishing My Film

My 2D drawn animation Näkökulma – Point of View is almost done. I got the visuals – animation, clean up, coloring and titles – ready last week. Jey! But I still have little bit of sound editing to do. After that it’s completely done and I can call myself animation director for real. How cool is that. Here is couple of screenshots from my film.

My Animation studies

This weeks Youtube video in my Elli Maanpää Art channel is a coktail of video clips of me working on my very first drawn 2D short film at the University. My film is called Näkökulma – Point of View. It should be ready in two weeks. Oh, I’m so excited.

I was actually filming my study life because I’m taking part in this Taitteessa project where four Turku Arts Academy students vlog about their studies and everything else young people do or/and wonder about. Those episodes will be in Finnish and published in Turku University of Applied Sciences in February-March 2017. I’ll let you know when they are out.

Baby Steps In Film Directing

What about school 1/3

As a reminder I’m a freshman in Turku University of Applied Sciences majoring in animation and film. We had last day of school for the semester last Thursday. One of the most inspiring courses of this Autumn was about live-movie-directing with film director Marja Pyykkö known for e.g. from movies Sisko tahtoisin jäädä and tv-series Mustat lesket. We had intensive 5-days with her. During which all students wrote and directed a 2-3 minutes long scenes with dialogue for two people. I also worked as a cinematographer in one scene and acted in 4 scenes by my class mates.

My scene was the beginning scene for a movie Me emme ole täältä (in English: We are not from here) which I’ll write from start to end some day. The original idea for the movie I created for the photography course’s poster task. The script has some Twin Peaks inspired vibes. It’s on the soft side of the Nordic Noir. For now I only have this first scene written but my classmate was so inspired by my presentation that he asked if he could co-write the final script with me.

Below are screenshots from the scene. The 1st scene takes place in a gas station of a silent Finnish town where a strange girl called Rara arrives with her pet orchid. A cute local nerd Kommi wants to protect the newcomer but just makes the situation socially awkward. As actors I had my talented class mates Anton Lipasti as Kommi and Aino Eronen as Rara. They truly made the script come alive. Eetu Helenius worked as the trusted cinematographer. The scene stills need some fine tuning in the editing department but here you get a sneak peek. I’ll keep you posted on the future developments of the project.me-emme-ole-taalta_elli-maanpaa_2015_ - 3me-emme-ole-taalta_elli-maanpaa_2015_ - 1me-emme-ole-taalta_elli-maanpaa_2015_ - 2

Studying Animation

I apologize for my absence in the blog but combining full-time-studying with being a part-time-Christmas-card-entrepeneur have been quite time consuming. The good thing is that I as I travel between two homes (Turku-Helsinki) I spend lot of time in the train which is a perfect place to write a blog post. So here I go.

Last month in school – Turku University of Applied Sciences Arts Academy – we were learning the basics of stop motion animation and film making in general. And we made our first animation film! It was a group work. I got to join my forces with the talented Konsta Hormia and Sade Lahti. Our animation teachers Joni Männistö (in the pic in right top corner) and Eija Saarinen are very precise about the quality of the movement. The rhythm. They demand the best from the start. I think that paid off and we can be really proud of the outcome of our animated short: Kilpaa joen kanssa (English: Competing With the River). Since I cannot yet show you the final work I’m just going to share some making of photographs from the way. We used autumn leaves and cardboard as our material. Dragon frame and Premiere were the editing softwares we used. The first pic in the left corner is showing the Aura river which I cross every morning on the way to school. It was used as the inspiration for the task.


I guess I haven’t yet spoken here much about the fact that this Autumn I moved to Turku and started new studies in Turku University of Applied Sciences majoring is Animation. It’s been approximately one month now and I’ve really enjoyed myself. One of the first “real” class (meaning that all the introduction classes have been more about the studying itself rather than the subject of study) has been digital photography. This series of photographs was my take on our last homework: how to illustrate a movie you’ve seen with five photographs.sisterhood_photography_elli-maanpaa_2015

I chose a French film called Il y a longtemps que je t’aime (English: I’ve Loved You So Long) by Philippe Claudel. The movie is beautiful drama about love, family, forgiveness and sisterhood. It’s also very French in it’s impeccable style throughout the filmography and costume design. I won’t give you more spoilers. In my photos I played the role of both sisters, took most of the photographs with self-timer and used lot of photoshop. Big thanks also to my assistant and male model Mr. Kuula. I’m really happy how these pictures turned out. sisterhood_photography_elli-maanpaa_2015 sisterhood_photography_elli-maanpaa_2015 sisterhood_photography_elli-maanpaa_2015 sisterhood_photography_elli-maanpaa_2015