Summer Recap

Before we head into Autumn and the exchange studies in 3D animation in Toronto Canada I wanted to give my last tribute to an awesome summer in Finland. Weather-wise it wasn’t the warmest but otherwise it was one warmhearted summer with awesome people (and cats). Thank you summer for being so good for us. See you again next year.



The time has come. My Elli Maanpää Art channel reached the 100 subscribers limit and now I got my own YouTube url ellimaanpaaart. To thank you I decided to do an art giveaway. So you can get this Aqua Marker Watercolour original art piece by commenting what is your favourite things to do during the summer. Mine is swimming and eating ice cream. You can comment directly on YouTube or here in the blog or in the other social media outlets. You have until the end of July time to enter the giveaway. Thank you for all the support. Until next time. xx


Coffee and Doodling

I love to sit in nice cafes and doodle. That’s what I’m gonna do a lot this summer too. This weeks Dood Elli Doo was about coffee shop doodling. The main speed painting was sketched while sitting in the window seat of the wonderful Cafe Kokko in Helsinki while sipping tasty cappucino. Then the giant walked down the Kalevankatu street. Well. In doodles you don’t always need to be 100% realistic. Happy midsummer everyone!

Menu’ Turistico Venezia

We booked last minute flights to Venice – “the city of winged lions” – with my partner-in-adventure since traveling does good for your soul. I made these photo collages to illustrate our visit to the magical city. Some of the photos are taken by him and others by me. There are glimpses of the canals, gondolas, cats, lions, couples in love, glass work from Murano, lace from Burano and my own travel sketches. We also spent hours in the Venezia Biennale Arte so here are some photos from the art we witnessed there (sorry for not being able to name to artists but I was impressed for example by Kerry James Marshall’s, Isa Genzken’s and Adrian Ghenie’s works). Breathing in the inspiration from the summery Venice.
1_venezia_elli-maanpaa_photography_2015 2_venezia_elli-maanpaa_photography_2015 3_venezia_elli-maanpaa_photography_2015 4_venezia_elli-maanpaa_photography_2015

Summertime And The Livin Is Artsy

Kesä on täällä. Minun kesääni kuluu lomailun lisäksi kaksi innostavaa työ/taide/intohimoprojektia: Dyykkariprinsessa lastenkirjani kuvittaminen ja Uhanalaiset (Korkeasaaressa tarhatut uhanalaiset eläimet taiteessa) -maalausnäyttely, joka tulee elokuussa Korkeasaareen. Molemmista projekteista kerron teille myöhemmin lisää. Voit myös seurata edistymistäni reaaliaikaisesti instagramista: ElliMaanpaa. Ihanaa kesäkuun jatkoa ja Juhannusta, joka sekin on jo ihan oven takana.

Summer is here. Besides sun bathing my summer is about working on two exciting work/art/passion projects: illustration to my children’s book Dyykkariprinsessa (Eng. Dumpster Dive Princess) and art exhibition Uhanalaiset (Eng. Endangered) which will be held in Korkeasaari in August. I’m gonna tell you more about both projects later. You can also follow my progress in real time in Instagram: ElliMaanpaa. Have a lovely June and Mid Summer celebrations!
Elli Maanpää illustration 2015Yllä oleva kuvitus on tekemäni kesäversio Keltainen villasukka -blogin otsikkokuvakkeesta. // The illustration above is the summer version for the Keltainen villasukka -blog’s header I did a while ago.

Cottage Mania

If you’ve been following my instagram you’ve probably noticed glimpses of cottage paintings every once in a while. Last week I got the cottage assignment finished so now I can share some images with you. My task was to create 2nd edition of Cottage Books to cottages in Ähtäri: Orava (Eng. Squirrel) and Mustikka (Eng. Blueberry).cottage_ellimaanpaa_illustration_2014_4

Here you can see some making of -photographs of the illustration progress. I worked with pencil, color pencils, watercolors and inks. Then I scanned the picture and perfected it in Phototshop. First Majatalo Orava.

cottage_ellimaanpaa_2014_duo1 cottage_ellimaanpaa_2014_duo2

Then Mustikka.

cottage_ellimaanpaa_2014_duo3 cottage_ellimaanpaa_2014_duo4cottage_ellimaanpaa_illustration_2014_3

For the most of the other illustrations I used the ones I did last summer since the subjects were the same but there was couple of Ähtäri tourist attractions that needed a new picture. For example below are the happy shoppers visiting Veljekset Keskinen.

cottage_ellimaanpaa_2014_duo5 cottage_ellimaanpaa_2014_duo6cottage_ellimaanpaa_illustration_2014_1

And here is the cute bear of Ähtäri Zoo.

cottage_ellimaanpaa_2014_duo7 cottage_ellimaanpaa_2014_duo8cottage_ellimaanpaa_illustration_2014_2

In addition I made deal to created an artistic advertisement poster of the cottages to display in our HEYA workroom window which is located in the vibrant area of Ullanlinna in Helsinki. It’s a win-win both to HEYA and the cottages.


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Lovely week to all!