My Grand Jewel of Animation: Scene About Gardening

As I promised: here it is. This is the final work I did for our 2D animation class in my school Turku Arts Academy this Spring semester. The task was to create a scene with two characters. The other one had to be a human (my bucket head is considered to have the anatomy of a man). The human has do at least one whole body movement and the other character reacts to that. We were allowed to either work on paper or on TV Paint. I chose the later because I feel it’s quicker, it’s easier to test things if they work or not (and I love using colors).

This is what I came up with. It’s a 20 second long loop. It took me week and half to do. It turned out looking a little like stop motion animation eventhough it is drawn on a wacom. I used my favourite color combination: blues and reds. The story is about gardening. The beauty and the constant work.

So please take a look and let me know what you think. Besides looping gif I made into a video which I downloaded to Youtube and Vimeo. Do you think I should add sound design to the video and make it a “real” short film? Thank you for accompaning my journey as a developing animation artist.

With love, ElliElli_Kukkienkastelu_FINAL.gif


Kilpaa joen kanssa – Animation

3/3 How about school. The previous posts here and here.

Entertainment post for Friday’s sake. We did a stop motion animation at school last Autumn semester. I was lucky to form a team with the talented Konsta Hormia and Sade Lahti. Our task was to create 1 min long film about the theme Aura river. Our animation is called Kilpaa joen kanssa (in English: Competing With the River). It’s about a bike race alongside the river. We used Autumn leafs and carboard. The project was super fun and I’m proud of the outcome. Take a look below. Have an awesome weekend!

Kilpaa joen kanssa from Elli Maanpää on Vimeo.

Hey Handsome 1st

Hey Handsome! He (the intellectual poem boy below) is the first out of two men portraits I painted in August. The two are going to be stars of my upcoming artsy-fartsy short film about relationships. But since it sometimes takes years before I actually finalize the film ideas I have I now thought It would be fun to introduce my lead actors to you / show you the paintings.


I used ink, gouache and acrylic paint on paperboard. I assume painting on the paperboard with water soluble colors was little like painting a mural on a wet clay since the paint and colors just melted into the background. The technique needed layers and layers of paint before I saw something happening on the board. Here below is some of the making of photographs.

handsome_painting_ellimaanpaa_2014_combo1 handsome_painting_ellimaanpaa_2014_combo2 handsome_painting_ellimaanpaa_2014_combo3

Lastly I outlined the most important facial features (like eyes) with black ink and also highlighted them with white acrylic. Here is the completed painting.


He is beautiful isn’t he? But of course he is just a painting which is kinda the idea of the film. I will introduce you his brother (the 2nd painting) later. Have a handsome week!

P.S. Of course my boyfriend is really the best looking guy in my world but that is also because he is an actual person. He would not have liked if I would have painted him. That’s why I had to use male models as my muses instead. 🙂


Nice Girls Don’t Draw Skulls – TRAILER

Today will stay in history since today is the world premiere of the trailer of my new short film Kiltit tytöt eivät piirrä pääkalloja – Nice Girls Don’t Draw Skulls. If you follow me in instagram you maybe have seen glimpses here and there about my process with the film.

The film is about a nice girl who always draws pink bunnies. But then one day something a lot darker appears on her drawing board and she freaks out. To remain as a nice girl she takes a happy bill but that comes with a cost.

I could describe the film as a dark children’s film. It combines speed drawing and acted story.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The message of the film is that no emotions should be denied. That we shouldn’t be afraid of our negative feelings or try to suppress them since that might lead to even worst feelings. Especially if you find an artistic way to deal with your emotions for example trough drawing or writing. This film is dedicated to all the nice girls (and boys) in Finland and elsewhere who try to be perfect in everything but then end up hurting themselves. It’s ok not to be nice all the time.

But the film is also just a film and everyone is allowed to see what ever they want to see in it.The full film Nice Girls Don’t Draw Skulls will have it’s online premiere next Spring the latest.


EDIT: Many days later. Here the film is. Enjoy!

Pilventekijä Doing Good

I’m so honored and happy that my half animated short film Pilventekijä (Eng. Girl Who Makes Clouds) was chosen to be part of LiikKUVAT project in Tampere. Starting from last Wednesday the film will be seen in one hospital and one retirement home in Tampere Finland for 3-months time. I do hope the girl-who-makes-clouds makes people smile and brighten up people’s days. What a wonderful feeling to be part of doing good trough my art. It’s truly the best thing ever. Big thanks to all the people that made that possible! Love and hugs for all!

P.S. You can see the film here.pilventekija_shortfilm_ellimaanpaa_2012