Spring Postcard Pop Up Shop

Remember Joulukorttikauppa: my online Christmas Card Shop? Well it’s not Christmas right now – even though it snowed yesterday in Finland – but I decided to open a Spring edition of the shop. There I sell my non-Christmas postcards and art prints during May 2017. kevat_joulukorttikauppa_2017

From the selection you can find postcards for Finnish celebrations like high school graduation and confirmation party but also all kinds of postcards from my illustrations and paintings. I will post the orders on Saturdays. Check also Joulukorttikauppa’s facebook page.kevat-kortteja

Thank you for checking out my postcard shop. Have an awesome MayDay! Or as they say here in Finland: Hauskaa Vappua!VAPPUA


Joulukorttikauppa 2015

The holiday season is coming closer. Do you know what that means? It means that Joulukorttikauppa volume 2015 has been opened. Wohoo! Joulukorttikauppa is a Christmas card shop founded last year by me and my brother Juho Maanpää. I’m the head designer but this year I’m so excited that we also have amazing Xmas card illustrations from the talented artist Vesa Kuula (who also happens to be my boyfriend). So Joulukorttikauppa is a small Finnish family run enterprise. In the picture below you see Vesa’s hipster design on the left and mine super cat on the right. If you’re in the mood of some Christmas vibes go for window shopping stroll to the Joulukorttikauppa.fi. Also check out our Facebook page. Cheers, Elli.

Don’t Notice Until It’s Gone

On paljon asioita, joita ei muista arvostaa ennenkuin niitä ei ole. Esimerkiksi terveys. Olen perusterve nuori nainen, mutta olen muistanut olla siitä kiitollinen nyt vasta kun flunssa on iskeytynyt kehooni ja pakottanut minut lepäämään. Mutta olen myös kiitollinen flunssasta, sillä se on palauttanut minut olemaan läsnä kehossani – hetkessä kiinni. Usein eläessämme arkea surffailemme aivan liikaa aivobaanalla, viilettäen menneessä ja tulevassa. Stressaamme ja panikoimme asioita, jotka eivät ole ajankohtaisia. Kun on pakko pysähtyä, huomaa olla kiitollinen kaikesta siitä minkä ympäröimä on juuri nyt: minulla pehmeä ja lämmin makuualusta, ulkona paistaa kevät aurinko ja Radio Helsingissä soitetaan hyvää musiikkia. Lopulta sitä taas muistaa, ettei oikeasti ole kiire yhtään mihinkään. Onni on vain nyt.

There is lots of things that we don’t remember to appreciate before they are gone. For example health. I am basically very healthy young person but only now that I’ve been down with a cold I’ve remembered to be grateful of my healthiness. But I’m also grateful of the sniffle since it forced me to rest and be present in my  corpus. When we’re living our everyday life we often surf in our brain to the past and to the future. We stress and panic of things that aren’t actual. When we’re forced to pause we notice all that is beautiful in the current moment: I have soft and warm place to lay, there is spring sunshine outside and they play good music in the Radio Helsinki. Finally I remember again that there is really no hurry to go anywhere. Happiness is only now.Blue sweater drawing by Elli Maanpää 2015Kuvitus: Sininen villapaita – postikorttiluonnos. Elli Maanpää 2015.

Illustration: Blue Sweater – postcard sketch. Elli Maanpää 2015.
Blue sweater drawing by Elli Maanpää 2015

Postcards Without The Project

Postikorttiprojektin jälkeen olen jatkanut postikorttipapereille piirtämistä. Olet saattanut nähdä osan näistä piirustuksista instagram-tililläni @ellimaanpaa aiemmin.

After the Postcard Project I have continue sketching on the postcard papers. You might have seen some of these drawings in my instagram account @ellimaanpaa earlier.Postcard sketch Elli Maanpää 2014-2015

Jos minulla ei ole musteita käden ulottuvilla olen käyttänyt väritykseen myös puuvärejä, …

If I haven’t had inks at hand I’ve also used for coloring color pencils, …Postcard sketch Elli Maanpää 2014-2015

…vesivärejä (P.S. Alla olevan kuvan muusana Smokahontas)…

…watercolors (P.S. The muse for the pic below is Smokahontas)…
Postcard sketch Elli Maanpää 2014-2015

…ja tusseja.

… and markers.Postcard sketch Elli Maanpää 2014-2015 Seesteistä viikkoa!

Have a serene week!Postcard sketch Elli Maanpää 2014-2015

Guinea Pigs

Piirsin veljenpojilleni – jotka asuvat aurinkoisessa Californiassa – marsupostikortit. Jotta rauha säilyy kotona, lähetin molemmille oman kortin. Mukavaa viikkoa!

I drew my nephews – who live in sunny California – guinea pig postcards. To keep the peace in the family I sent both their own card. Have a enjoyable week!guinea_pig_ellimaanpaa_drawing_2014_1guinea_pig_ellimaanpaa_drawing_2014_1 guinea_pig_ellimaanpaa_drawing_2014_1guinea_pig_ellimaanpaa_drawing_2014_1

Finish Line of Postcard Project

So November ended and with it ended the Postcard Project. Here is the last nine postcards sized art works I sent to wonderful people all around the world.

23rd The geometric carrot head to Mia 24.10.2014

postcard, drawing, Elli Maanpää

24th Sleeping beauty in a morning sunshine to Pia 24.10.2014

postcard, drawing, Elli Maanpää

25th Sparkling belle in red to Veera 25.10.2014

postcard, drawing, Elli Maanpää

26th Mysterious woman to Laura 28.10.2014

postcard, drawing, Elli Maanpää

27th Hair like carrot clouds to Carina 28.10.2014

postcard, drawing, Elli Maanpää

28th Cutie pie bird to Iiris 28.10.2014

postcard, drawing, Elli Maanpää

29th Screaming Peacock to Linnea 29.10.2014

postcard, drawing, Elli Maanpää

30th Postcard with a lady – who looks little she has stepped out from the Clockwork Orange movie – to Shadi 30.10.2014

postcard, drawing, Elli Maanpää

31st The last but not least artistic fashionista went to Suzanne 31.10.2014

postcard, drawing, Elli Maanpää

That was it for this project. “How do I feel now after the project is over?” you ask. I must admit I feel relieved. It was such a inspiring project that kept me doing art works daily but there was also somewhat pressure. Particularly during this last week because there was so many other projects going on as well – like the Joulukorttikauppa and Lähtöviivalla art exhibition. So you can see there is gaps in the drawing days: I didn’t find the time to do the postcard during the exact day so I made some of them on a later day when I had more time. But still I’m really happy I did this – happy how the cards turned out and the sending business has been so much fun. Thank you for participating! Next I will concentrate on the lovely commissioned works that have piled up. And I won’t stop drawing daily – because sketch-a-day challenge will last till the end of this year – but I might not publish everything so that will take all the pressure of “being good” away.

P.S. On Thursday I will show you photographs from the Lähtöviivalla exhibition opening so stay tuned!

Third Week Of Postcard Art

The past week I’ve been on a road again. But that has not affected to the amount of days and postcard artworks done this week. 7 days 7 new postcards. If you have no idea what I’m talking about here is the Postcard Project in a nutshell: For every day in October 2014 I draw a sketch on a postcard and then send it to the person in the order they were reserved.Postcard project art Postcard project art

Two cats in orange atmosphere for Eeva 16.10.2014

Postcard project art

Smiling cockatoo for Niilo 17.10.2014

Postcard project art

Loreal moment for Sini 19.10.2014

Postcard project art elli maanpää

Girl in a black shirt for Heini 19.10.2014

Postcard project art elli maanpää

Flying owl for Annabella. I just couldn’t believe owl’s legs would be like that (like paws) but that is what I saw in the photograph I used as a reference. 20.10.2014

Postcard project art elli maanpää

She looks like singer doesn’t she? For Wilhelmina 21.10.2014

Postcard project art elli maanpää

And the blue haired woman for Päivi 22.10.2014

Postcard project art elli maanpää

It’s been super cool to get pictures from the cards that have already travelled to their destination. I feel such gratitude for the gratitude. Like my friend said: “this is such a feel-good-project“.

Have a feel-good weekend! This weekend I’ll be working on my upcoming art exhibition Lähtöviivalla which has opening next Monday the 24th at 5pm in S-Galleria in Helsinki (Welcome!) and in one acting course in Teak and the christmas card project. Exciting things going on and that’s how I like it. Happy hugs.