Look For The Winter Light

Winter in Finland can feel like lifetime in Mordor. There is days when I feel like I’m living in the never ending night surrounded only by darkness. But as you know: light looks the brightest next to a shadow. So when the missed sun rises above the horizon there couldn’t be prettier place to be. Also loved ones, winter treats and drawing are my go to when I’m in need for some extra light. Now there is already promise of Spring in the air and another winter bites the dust. Bye winter. In your darkness you shine.01_winter_photograph_elli-maanpaa02_winter-photograph_elli-maanpaa


Summer Mashup

Today it’s raining and cold outside. In just couple of days it’s going to be September. So I guess this is what I have left of the summer 2016. These photographs have been taken in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Latvia by me and my boyfriend with my Olympus  Pen Lite E-PL6 and iPhone 5s. If interested to see more check out also the travel videos from Tallinn & Riga and Stockholm.

So many sunny memories. Thank you summer for being amazing. Bye now and see you next year.

Window Daydreaming

One of my free time leisures is to go to Pinterest and window daydream with images. I collect inspirational pictures of places I’d like to go, moments I’d like to live and people I’d like to be. Today I made myself a new mood board wallpaper from my current inspirations: from Tove Jansson to kittens.

I don’t know all the credits for the photographs – you can find the Pinterest links for them from my profile. For the artist that took the photos I’d like to say thank you for enlightening the world with your images. Have a wonderful weekend all!

P.S. Feel free to download this wallpaper for your own use if it suits your fancy.2016_moodboard_elli.jpg

Story Board

Hello folks. I have a spear moment while sitting on a school computer. I thought I might as well be productive and do a blog post. Here is a simple story board I created for our cinematography class. It’s about a boy who goes to his teacher’s house to propose only to wittness that she is already taken. Oh no. Hope you have better luck in your love life. Elli-maanpaa_storyboard_2016

I Am Ready 2016

The year 2015 is coming to an end. And what a year it has been. I got my first personal art grant. I held my biggest (so far) art exhibition. I started studying (my fervors) animation and film. I moved back to my home town Turku (even though half of me is still in my 2nd home in Helsinki). I turned thirty.

It feels like my life has been spinning around me so fast for the whole year that I had to seize it for a brief moment to remember I was really here. Now lets say farewell to 2015 and welcome year 2016. Happy New Year!

Self-portraits taken with Olympus Pen Lite A-PL6.



Magic Is Something You Make

Sketches of Elli Maanpää 2015Sketches of Elli Maanpää 2015

Taianomaista viikonloppua! Luotetaan siihen, ettemme voi vielä edes kuvitella kuinka mahtava se voi olla. Kuvituksena piirustuksia päivieni varrelta: Geisha, Venus ja Hipsterinörtti.

Magical weekend! Let’s just trust that we cannot even image how beautiful it can be. Illustrations are sketches from past days: Geisha, Venus and Hipster Nerd.

Don’t Notice Until It’s Gone

On paljon asioita, joita ei muista arvostaa ennenkuin niitä ei ole. Esimerkiksi terveys. Olen perusterve nuori nainen, mutta olen muistanut olla siitä kiitollinen nyt vasta kun flunssa on iskeytynyt kehooni ja pakottanut minut lepäämään. Mutta olen myös kiitollinen flunssasta, sillä se on palauttanut minut olemaan läsnä kehossani – hetkessä kiinni. Usein eläessämme arkea surffailemme aivan liikaa aivobaanalla, viilettäen menneessä ja tulevassa. Stressaamme ja panikoimme asioita, jotka eivät ole ajankohtaisia. Kun on pakko pysähtyä, huomaa olla kiitollinen kaikesta siitä minkä ympäröimä on juuri nyt: minulla pehmeä ja lämmin makuualusta, ulkona paistaa kevät aurinko ja Radio Helsingissä soitetaan hyvää musiikkia. Lopulta sitä taas muistaa, ettei oikeasti ole kiire yhtään mihinkään. Onni on vain nyt.

There is lots of things that we don’t remember to appreciate before they are gone. For example health. I am basically very healthy young person but only now that I’ve been down with a cold I’ve remembered to be grateful of my healthiness. But I’m also grateful of the sniffle since it forced me to rest and be present in my  corpus. When we’re living our everyday life we often surf in our brain to the past and to the future. We stress and panic of things that aren’t actual. When we’re forced to pause we notice all that is beautiful in the current moment: I have soft and warm place to lay, there is spring sunshine outside and they play good music in the Radio Helsinki. Finally I remember again that there is really no hurry to go anywhere. Happiness is only now.Blue sweater drawing by Elli Maanpää 2015Kuvitus: Sininen villapaita – postikorttiluonnos. Elli Maanpää 2015.

Illustration: Blue Sweater – postcard sketch. Elli Maanpää 2015.
Blue sweater drawing by Elli Maanpää 2015