Pikkupanda Of Finland Bags and Other Goodies In My New Redbubble Store

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I have good news for everyone who fancied my UHANALAISET – ENDANGERED paintings. Remember: the animalistic take on Finnish art history and the exhibition held in Korkeasaari Helsinki Zoo in August year ago? Now you can indulge yourself in my Redbubble store. Imagine summer travels with the Pikkupanda of Finland string bag or snapchatting under the warm gaze of Virgin Snow. Not bad, huh? Get the whole look of the Uhanalaiset goodies in my Redbubble Elli Maanpää store. Thank you!

Pikkupanda of Finland: Drawstring bag, Tote bag, iPad case

Virgin Snow: Drawstring bag, iPhone case, Throw pillow

Elonaali: Tote bag, Throw pillow, Spiral NotebookAd Leo Astra : Tote bag, Samsung Galaxy case, Drawstring bag, Spiral notebook

Wounded Snowy Owl: Travel mug, Framed print, Hardcover Journal, Sticker

The Convalescent Emperor: Throw pillow, Tote bag, Greeting card

P.S. The store operates from Europe (it also operates in the States) so no extra custom duties if you order for example to Finland. Jey!


Pikkupanda of Finland

Last but definitely not least the Pikkupanda of Finland (below in right) from the UHANALAISET exhibition. Tom of Finland (artist name of Touko Laaksonen) might very well be the most known artist from Finland internationally. His skilful homoerotic pencil drawings of sailors, cops and bikers were widely admired when he drew them during the 80’s and still are. Just last year Finnish linen company Finlayson made a Tom of Finland collection in his honour. These sailors (below in left) have been drawn approximately 1985. My endangered power animal in the painting is red panda which is pikkupanda in Finnish. Below you can see how I proceed with my acrylic paints on the 50cm x 50cm canvas to recreate the same vibe as in the original illustration.

P.S. Tonight is the last Kissojen Yö – Night of the Cats of this year in the Korkeasaari zoo in Helsinki and it’s super cool event. After this weekend also my UHANALAISET exhibition will close in the Korkeasaari so it’s almost the last chance to visit. I’m also gonna visit the zoo tonight because all the fun. So see you there maybe?Pikkupanda-of-finland_elli-maanpaa_Uhanalaiset_2015 Pikkupanda-of-finland_elli-maanpaa_Uhanalaiset_2015 Pikkupanda-of-finland_elli-maanpaa_Uhanalaiset_2015


Berberie (in right below) is another story from the whole UHANALAISET bunch. It’s not based on a one exact painting but instead on a series of paintings called Girls (Good heavens!) from the modern artist Katja Tukiainen from 2010. I found such a wonderful photograph of barbary macaque (which was my endangered muse in Berberie) resting one leg up so I knew I wanted to use that pose and create an additional painting to Tukiainen’s girly series. Tukiainen is known not only for her paintings but her comics and illustrations. Berberie was done with acrylics on a 50cm x 50cm canvas. There is about five more days to see all the paintings in the UHANALAISET exhibition in Karhulinna in the Korkeasaari Zoo in Helsinki so hurry up 🙂Berberie_elli-maanpaa_Uhanalaiset_2015 Berberie_elli-maanpaa_Uhanalaiset_2015_2Berberie_elli-maanpaa_Uhanalaiset_2015

Echo From Amur

Ellen Thesleff’s Kaiku (Eng. Echo) from the year 1891 (below in left) was not as obvious choice as some of the other paintings of UHANALAISET exhibition. I remember admiring this painting in junior high but I had forgotten all about it until I came across Thesleff’s name in Ateneum (Art museum in Helsinki) and googled her. She was one of the leading expressionists of Finland back in the day. Also she is another admirable female artist in male dominated art world and almost my namesake. My painting (below in right) is called Kaiku Amurista (Eng. Echo From Amur) since it’s conveniently starred by the endangered Amur leopard. Twenty percent of the sales revenue of the paintings of the UHANALAISET exhibition will go to protection of the endangered Amur felines. The painting’s size is 65 x 80 cm and it’s done with acrylics on canvas. Below you can see the making of this painting and the final work in a larger scale.Kaiku-Amurista_elli-maanpaa_Uhanalaiset_2015Kaiku-Amurista_elli-maanpaa_Uhanalaiset_2015_1Kaiku-Amurista_elli-maanpaa_Uhanalaiset_2015_1

Patient Emperor

Toipuva keisari (Eng. Patient Emperor) – below in right – has also been one of the most loved paintings of the Uhanalaiset/Endangered -exhibition. It’s based on the atmospheric painting Toipilas (Eng. The Convalescent) – below in left – by famous Finnish female artist Helene Schjerfbeck from 1888. Again one of my biggest art idols. As the name hints my endangered muse in the painting was the Emperor Tamarin who has the most showy mustache of the animal kingdom. Below more making of photographs and the finished painting. The size of the painting is 80x65cm and it’s painted with acrylics. The exhibition is open until the 14th of September in Karhulinne in the Korkeasaari Zoo in Helsinki. So only one week left.
Toipilas_uhanalaiset_elli-maanpaa_2015 Toipilas_uhanalaiset_elli-maanpaa_2015 Toipilas_uhanalaiset_elli-maanpaa_2015 Toipilas_uhanalaiset_elli-maanpaa_2015 Toipilas_uhanalaiset_elli-maanpaa_2015

Wounded Snowy Owl

I was in high school when I fell in love with Hugo Simberg‘s dark but fairy-tale-like paintings. I even named our cat after Simberg’s pet guinea pig (the name was Pikke). Making Simberg’s famous Haavoittunut enkeli (Eng. Wounded Angel) from the year 1903 with the endangered Snowy owl and European mink was one of the first ideas I had when planning the paintings for the Uhanalaiset -exhibition. My paintings name is Haavoittunut ukuli (Eng. Wounded snowy owl) and it’s painted with acrylics on a 80cm x 65cm canvas. It costs 1250€ and it’s still available. Below you can see some progress photographs.

P.S. It’s a convenient day to post about this painting since I’m down with a cold. So I feel like the wounded angel and my boyfriend is the true angel by bringing me fruits, juices and soup from the corner store. Lucky me. Take care you all!

Dreaming about Amur

As you wished I’m going to continue posting progress stories about the paintings for the UHANALAISET exhibition. It’s open until the 14th of September in the Karhulinna of Korkeasaari Zoo.

This Unelmointia Amurista (Eng. Dreaming about Amur – in right below) was the 5th painting for the exhibition. It’s based on the famous Muumipeikko unelmoi (Eng. Moomintroll is dreaming – in left below) illustration by Tove Jansson. Tove is one of my biggest idols. She was such versatile artist creating new universes by illustrating, writing and painting. Animal muse is the Amur tiger. Amur tigers are very endangered. Even more so are their namesakes Amur leopards. That’s why 20% of the sales revenue of the sold paintings from the UHANALAISET -exhibition goes to preserving Amur felines. Instead of acrylic I painted this one with ink and gesso. While painting I unintentionally inked my self as well. Oopsi-doo.
Uhanalaiset_tove_elli-maanpaa_2015_1 Uhanalaiset_tove_elli-maanpaa_2015_1Uhanalaiset_tove_elli-maanpaa_2015_1Uhanalaiset_tove_elli-maanpaa_2015_1

P.S. Thank you XO Sarah for these amazing photo collage templates I used in this post. They are super handy to not make the posts too bulky. Thank you!