Summer Recap

Before we head into Autumn and the exchange studies in 3D animation in Toronto Canada I wanted to give my last tribute to an awesome summer in Finland. Weather-wise it wasn’t the warmest but otherwise it was one warmhearted summer with awesome people (and cats). Thank you summer for being so good for us. See you again next year.


How to Draw A Teddy Bear (Eating a Banana With Kinder Toy Paint)

This video is dedicated to my nephew Teo. Since we ran out of time to draw this Teddy Bear together this summer – he lives in California and I in Finland – I decided we could do it in this modern telecommuting way. The art supplies I used were a paint set gotten from a Kinder chocolate egg and a red blue pencil.

Are you gonna draw your own Teddy Bear? If you are and want me to see it either send me a note or add a hastag #lookellilook to it in Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and I will check it out.


Finnish Movie Biz

This week I was inspired to make a second video – a vlog about my last day as a trainee in Pyjama Films Animation Studio and about my trip to Helsinki to the premiere of the Finnish feature film Viraali. I named this new style of videos with the title: ON THE GO. Please let me know if you like to see this kind of videos next to the more art related stuff on my channel. Have an extra lovely summer weekend. 

P.S. If you’re in Finland you should definitely go see the film Viraali! 

Here I am at the red carpet with my avec the handsome Herra Kuula. Photo credit belongs to Viraali

Coffee and Doodling

I love to sit in nice cafes and doodle. That’s what I’m gonna do a lot this summer too. This weeks Dood Elli Doo was about coffee shop doodling. The main speed painting was sketched while sitting in the window seat of the wonderful Cafe Kokko in Helsinki while sipping tasty cappucino. Then the giant walked down the Kalevankatu street. Well. In doodles you don’t always need to be 100% realistic. Happy midsummer everyone!

Pikkupanda of Finland

Last but definitely not least the Pikkupanda of Finland (below in right) from the UHANALAISET exhibition. Tom of Finland (artist name of Touko Laaksonen) might very well be the most known artist from Finland internationally. His skilful homoerotic pencil drawings of sailors, cops and bikers were widely admired when he drew them during the 80’s and still are. Just last year Finnish linen company Finlayson made a Tom of Finland collection in his honour. These sailors (below in left) have been drawn approximately 1985. My endangered power animal in the painting is red panda which is pikkupanda in Finnish. Below you can see how I proceed with my acrylic paints on the 50cm x 50cm canvas to recreate the same vibe as in the original illustration.

P.S. Tonight is the last Kissojen Yö – Night of the Cats of this year in the Korkeasaari zoo in Helsinki and it’s super cool event. After this weekend also my UHANALAISET exhibition will close in the Korkeasaari so it’s almost the last chance to visit. I’m also gonna visit the zoo tonight because all the fun. So see you there maybe?Pikkupanda-of-finland_elli-maanpaa_Uhanalaiset_2015 Pikkupanda-of-finland_elli-maanpaa_Uhanalaiset_2015 Pikkupanda-of-finland_elli-maanpaa_Uhanalaiset_2015

Dreaming about Amur

As you wished I’m going to continue posting progress stories about the paintings for the UHANALAISET exhibition. It’s open until the 14th of September in the Karhulinna of Korkeasaari Zoo.

This Unelmointia Amurista (Eng. Dreaming about Amur – in right below) was the 5th painting for the exhibition. It’s based on the famous Muumipeikko unelmoi (Eng. Moomintroll is dreaming – in left below) illustration by Tove Jansson. Tove is one of my biggest idols. She was such versatile artist creating new universes by illustrating, writing and painting. Animal muse is the Amur tiger. Amur tigers are very endangered. Even more so are their namesakes Amur leopards. That’s why 20% of the sales revenue of the sold paintings from the UHANALAISET -exhibition goes to preserving Amur felines. Instead of acrylic I painted this one with ink and gesso. While painting I unintentionally inked my self as well. Oopsi-doo.
Uhanalaiset_tove_elli-maanpaa_2015_1 Uhanalaiset_tove_elli-maanpaa_2015_1Uhanalaiset_tove_elli-maanpaa_2015_1Uhanalaiset_tove_elli-maanpaa_2015_1

P.S. Thank you XO Sarah for these amazing photo collage templates I used in this post. They are super handy to not make the posts too bulky. Thank you!

Moments from the UHANALAISET Opening

Yesterday was the opening of the UHANALAISET (Eng. Endangered) art exhibition in the Karhulinna in Korkeasaari Zoo. Here are photographs from the event taken by my beloved V. Kuula. Enjoy!

Hey! It’s my painting and name in the poster. Cool.UHANALAISET_opening_elli-maanpaa_2015It was easy to smile. All ten paintings I did during this summer were here and ready to be enjoyed by the public eye. Time to celebrate.UHANALAISET_opening_elli-maanpaa_2015UHANALAISET_opening_elli-maanpaa_2015Dear spectators and guests from many angles of view.
UHANALAISET_opening_elli-maanpaa_2015UHANALAISET_opening_elli-maanpaa_2015UHANALAISET_opening_elli-maanpaa_2015UHANALAISET_opening_elli-maanpaa_2015UHANALAISET_opening_elli-maanpaa_2015UHANALAISET_opening_elli-maanpaa_2015UHANALAISET_opening_elli-maanpaa_2015UHANALAISET_opening_elli-maanpaa_2015UHANALAISET_opening_elli-maanpaa_2015The exhibition is located in the Zoo in Karhulinna which means bear (karhu-) and castle (-linna) beacuse it truly is the bear castle: the same building is home of the Korkeasaari bears. UHANALAISET_opening_elli-maanpaa_2015I also go beautiful flowers, cards and gifts since the opening was also my way of celebrating 30-years-of-age.UHANALAISET_opening_elli-maanpaa_2015UHANALAISET_opening_elli-maanpaa_2015Last (but not least) this collection of lovely funny faces in the picture below. Thank you! The exhibition is open until the 14th of September so be sure to visit Korkeasaari Zoo before then.