Piece of Cake

Plenty of things to celebrate. 1st) There was the channel’s birthday last week. 2nd) Today we are officially over 100 subscribers. 3rd) It’s Midsummer – Juhannus this weekend. So this week I illustrated a cake using Adobe illustrator snd Photoshop. Thanks for the idea Shankar. Enjoy!


Animation Newbie

I made a little showreel of the clips I did during the one week workshop with Kari Pieskä and TVPaint. Combining animatics and shor animations. I’m still a bit clumsy drawing with the wacom drawing board so you can see the difference in the amount details when I used cintiq (the kind you draw directly to the screen) instead for one day while working on the tree animation. Enjoy! P.S. Did you know that cats are affraid of cucumbers?!

Story Board

Hello folks. I have a spear moment while sitting on a school computer. I thought I might as well be productive and do a blog post. Here is a simple story board I created for our cinematography class. It’s about a boy who goes to his teacher’s house to propose only to wittness that she is already taken. Oh no. Hope you have better luck in your love life. Elli-maanpaa_storyboard_2016

Creative Storm Called CHRZU

2/3 How about school. (1st post here)

One of the most demanding (and awarding) courses from last Autumn – Turku University of Applied Sciences / Film and animation – was taught by creative maniac called Chrzu Lindström. For his class I created over 30 drawings and wrote about 20 scripts for 3-min-long animations in less than a month (as did all my animation classmates). At times I bite my teeth to be able to create the amount of ideas Chrzu demanded. But in the end it paid the prize by getting a better nose on what works storywise. Chrzu gives harsh critique but he gives it with a heart. He’s so passionated about film making that the energetic enthusiasm grips you too.

About my drawings. I tried out a bunch of different styles as you can see. Can you spot the themes: symmetry, me and my shadow, deserted island, curtains and burden? P.S. I think I’ll do something with the vampire idea: animation maybe or at least a tee print?


Love Birds

Love Birds is a commissioned illustration I did for a wedding invitation for a couple that was getting married about one year ago. The choice of the theme, colours and the type of flowers came from the bride. And the choice to add one bug to man up the sugary illustration came from the groom. So the end result is beautifully balanced but oh so romantic. Below couple of making of snaps of the drawings and the final illustration.