Looking For Home/Room In Toronto

My way of focusing is to do picture collages and make them as my wallpaper. All these images are from Pinterest. So what I’m looking for is a rental room with nice roommates from Toronto for Fall starting from Sept 1st – or Aug 29th. I’d be a nice non-smoking, clean, friendly roommate. Just making art in my bedroom. If you know anything or want to help me find a place please let me know. Thank you. I know I’ll find a home eventually and it’s gonna be amazing Fall in Toronto, right?board_toronto-home_2017


Look For The Winter Light

Winter in Finland can feel like lifetime in Mordor. There is days when I feel like I’m living in the never ending night surrounded only by darkness. But as you know: light looks the brightest next to a shadow. So when the missed sun rises above the horizon there couldn’t be prettier place to be. Also loved ones, winter treats and drawing are my go to when I’m in need for some extra light. Now there is already promise of Spring in the air and another winter bites the dust. Bye winter. In your darkness you shine.01_winter_photograph_elli-maanpaa02_winter-photograph_elli-maanpaa

Dreaming about Amur

As you wished I’m going to continue posting progress stories about the paintings for the UHANALAISET exhibition. It’s open until the 14th of September in the Karhulinna of Korkeasaari Zoo.

This Unelmointia Amurista (Eng. Dreaming about Amur – in right below) was the 5th painting for the exhibition. It’s based on the famous Muumipeikko unelmoi (Eng. Moomintroll is dreaming – in left below) illustration by Tove Jansson. Tove is one of my biggest idols. She was such versatile artist creating new universes by illustrating, writing and painting. Animal muse is the Amur tiger. Amur tigers are very endangered. Even more so are their namesakes Amur leopards. That’s why 20% of the sales revenue of the sold paintings from the UHANALAISET -exhibition goes to preserving Amur felines. Instead of acrylic I painted this one with ink and gesso. While painting I unintentionally inked my self as well. Oopsi-doo.
Uhanalaiset_tove_elli-maanpaa_2015_1 Uhanalaiset_tove_elli-maanpaa_2015_1Uhanalaiset_tove_elli-maanpaa_2015_1Uhanalaiset_tove_elli-maanpaa_2015_1

P.S. Thank you XO Sarah for these amazing photo collage templates I used in this post. They are super handy to not make the posts too bulky. Thank you!

Menu’ Turistico Venezia

We booked last minute flights to Venice – “the city of winged lions” – with my partner-in-adventure since traveling does good for your soul. I made these photo collages to illustrate our visit to the magical city. Some of the photos are taken by him and others by me. There are glimpses of the canals, gondolas, cats, lions, couples in love, glass work from Murano, lace from Burano and my own travel sketches. We also spent hours in the Venezia Biennale Arte so here are some photos from the art we witnessed there (sorry for not being able to name to artists but I was impressed for example by Kerry James Marshall’s, Isa Genzken’s and Adrian Ghenie’s works). Breathing in the inspiration from the summery Venice.
1_venezia_elli-maanpaa_photography_2015 2_venezia_elli-maanpaa_photography_2015 3_venezia_elli-maanpaa_photography_2015 4_venezia_elli-maanpaa_photography_2015