Bunny Easter

Happy Easter! I drew bunnies on this week ‘s video in Elli Maanpää Art. I used gouache, pencil, ink, brushmarkers and cotton swaps. Inspired by the season and free stock photographs. Have a good one.



Nice Girls Don’t Draw Skulls – TRAILER

Today will stay in history since today is the world premiere of the trailer of my new short film Kiltit tytöt eivät piirrä pääkalloja – Nice Girls Don’t Draw Skulls. If you follow me in instagram you maybe have seen glimpses here and there about my process with the film.

The film is about a nice girl who always draws pink bunnies. But then one day something a lot darker appears on her drawing board and she freaks out. To remain as a nice girl she takes a happy bill but that comes with a cost.

I could describe the film as a dark children’s film. It combines speed drawing and acted story.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The message of the film is that no emotions should be denied. That we shouldn’t be afraid of our negative feelings or try to suppress them since that might lead to even worst feelings. Especially if you find an artistic way to deal with your emotions for example trough drawing or writing. This film is dedicated to all the nice girls (and boys) in Finland and elsewhere who try to be perfect in everything but then end up hurting themselves. It’s ok not to be nice all the time.

But the film is also just a film and everyone is allowed to see what ever they want to see in it.The full film Nice Girls Don’t Draw Skulls will have it’s online premiere next Spring the latest.


EDIT: Many days later. Here the film is. Enjoy!