Moving To Toronto

Lats Friday it was exactly one year from the first video published in my art related YouTube channel. To celebrate that and explain why I’m moving to Toronto for the Fall I did a quick live video in YouTube on Friday. If you weren’t able to catch me live you can still watch the recording. Let me know if you have some recommendations for Toronto. Thank you.


Raining Outside

The day I drew this it was raining heavily outside so I decided to stay indoors at the Heya workroom little longer and make one more picture for the sketch-a-day challenge. I used a fashion photograph from old Glamour magazine as a reference. As my tools I had watercolor, pencil, marker and correction pen (highlights of the eyes).

P.S. I was celebrating my 29th birthday the day before yesterday. We took an old cruise ship J.L. Runeberg to Porvoo to spend the sunny day there. It was lovely day. I might show you some photographs later. rainingoutside_ellimaanpaa_illustration_2014_1 rainingoutside_ellimaanpaa_illustration_2014_2 rainingoutside_ellimaanpaa_illustration_2014_3

From Cat Sketchbook With Love

I got this cutie ☟ for my birthday a year ago. It’s a hand bound sketchbook made from watercolor paper by my friend. It’s one of the most precious gifts I ever received so it took a while before I had the guts to open it and make my mark on its white pages. Since then it’s been inspirational book to draw on. Below you can see what the first pages turned into.catbook_ellimaanpaa_2014_1I found watercolor pencils again thanks to this sketchbook. Besides color pencils I used pencil, little bit of watercolor and markers.catbook_ellimaanpaa_2014_2catbook_teddybear_sketch_ellimaanpaa_2014catbook_teddybear_sketch_ellimaanpaa_2014_2_2catbook_ellimaanpaa_2014_3catbook_ellimaanpaa_2014_4catbook_3sisters_sketch_ellimaanpaa_2014catbook_3sisters_sketch_ellimaanpaa_2014_2catbook_ellimaanpaa_2014_5catbook_boy_sketch_ellimaanpaa_2014catbook_boy_sketch_ellimaanpaa_2014_2Many more pages to come.