Biking Trip to Artipelag

This week we took our bikes along and took the cruise ship from Turku to Stockholm. In Stockholm we biked our way by the archipelago to Artipelag Art Museum in the Gustavsberg in Sweden. It was more than 55km of bicycling in one day. But the sun was shining and summer travelling have never felt better. Enjoy my little On The Go video from our trip.


Kilpaa joen kanssa – Animation

3/3 How about school. The previous posts here and here.

Entertainment post for Friday’s sake. We did a stop motion animation at school last Autumn semester. I was lucky to form a team with the talented Konsta Hormia and Sade Lahti. Our task was to create 1 min long film about the theme Aura river. Our animation is called Kilpaa joen kanssa (in English: Competing With the River). It’s about a bike race alongside the river. We used Autumn leafs and carboard. The project was super fun and I’m proud of the outcome. Take a look below. Have an awesome weekend!

Kilpaa joen kanssa from Elli Maanpää on Vimeo.