Thesis Illustrations


Illustrations: Elli Maanpää 2013

I graduated as a Master of Arts (Art and Design) from Aalto University’s Visual Culture program in 2013. My Thesis work URHEILEVA SYDÄN studied “How acting is empowering?” with artistic methods. These illustrations were part of the written part of the work. Here are three of the illustrations: Presence, To Be Seen and Multifaceted.





2 thoughts on “Thesis Illustrations

  1. Hi!

    I’m writing a thesis in Developmental Psychology with the working title: The multifaceted nature of children’s social competence. When I googled the word multifaceted the picture above (Many Mes) came up and I liked it very much. My question is if I can use the picture Many Mes on my thesis cover? And if that is possible/OK, what is the price and how do I get the picture?

    Kind regards,

    Åsa Arvidsson

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