Elli Maanpää || Acrylic on canvas || 80 cm x 80 cm ||  2022
'Almighty' is a piece that embodies the power of vibrant contemporary painting. As a painter based in Helsinki, I love to explore the depths of figurative art through happy colors. This painting began with an abstract layer of blue, red, and pink, creating a lively, colorful base. From this vibrant foundation, the figure of a girl king emerged. She stands in glorious attire, her gaze enigmatic and captivating. There's a hint of boredom and judgment in her eyes, yet she's not scary. She exudes all the power, but there's a subtle question in her expression: why don't we join her in making good decisions together?
The girl king can certainly handle it all alone, but there's an unspoken invitation to collaborate. Isn't it more fun to change the world together? I believe in the power of collective effort, and this painting reflects that belief. I hope 'Almighty' inspires you to reflect on leadership, collaboration, and the joy of shared endeavors. 
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