Pihka Is My Name
Concept Art and Character Design || 2018-20 
"Pihka Is My Name is a band fronted by an animation character called Pihka. She is a small robot, an imaginary friend who is not needed anymore. She finds herself forgotten in a snow covered forest. She sets off on an adventure on her own, sees the city and all the busy humans with their problems." I got to imagine her.
Creators & Musicians: Lasse Turunen & Henna Helasvuo
Logo Design: Rami Mursula​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Can you imagine me? Pihka of Pihka Is My Name. The final Character Design. 2018
Character Design Process: How Pihka was visually born? 
From moodboard and sketches to the Pihka we know today.
Left: Photographs and sketch from Lasse Turunen and Henna Helasvuo for inspiration. || 2018 Right: Preliminary sketches of the character Pihka by me. Done with blue col-erase pencil on paper. 2018
Pihka with two different features. Turunen and Helasvuo liked the head of the 1st and the body of the 2nd design. 2018
Turnaround of Pihka in final colors without the shading. 2018
Turnaround. The final Character Design of Pihka. 2018
Expression Sheet of Pihka. She has variety of ways of expressing emotions i.e. the screen, branch horns and rocket boots. 2018
Concept Art & Illustration
Imagining music into digital paintings.
Color palette studies in the left. Digital paintings in the right. 2018
Cover illustration for the single "Binaries"by Pihka Is My Name. 2018 & 2020
Coloring Pages
The quarantine situation inspired me to make printable colouring pages. Here's three line art drawings of Pihka.
Above: Three line art drawings of Pihka. Below Instagram Stories: Drawings in the making. Pihka Is My Name -Henna and Lasse colored two pages. 2020
"Binaries" Music Video by Jussi Turunen
The first music video for the Pihka is My Name was created by Jussi Turunen. Pihka Is My Name came alive. More music videos here
"Binaries" Animated Music Video: Jussi Turunen
More about Pihka Is My Name in HERE.
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