Kosmonautti (meaning Cosmonaut in English) is new beautiful song by Finnish singer-songwriter Tuomas Peurakoski. The song combines storytelling pop music to the celestial space vibes. Tuomas approached me last spring if I could create visuals for his single. I fell in love with the song right away so I was excited about the project. Tuomas talked about Georges Melies, 1920’s steamboats and star gazing. I got free hands to interpret those themes with the technique of my choice. Below you can see the final illustration. Be sure to give Tuomas Peurakoski a follow in WordPress, Spotify, Facebook and watch this meditative lyric video. You can also find a little traces of my design in the all the sites.


Just In Time For Christmas

Have you gotten all the Christmas gifts ready for the Holidays? Well. I haven’t yet. Luckily there is still time to order some amazing unique gifts from my Redbubble store. I think I’m finally gonna get that Pikkupanda of Finland drawstring bag for myself – who said you’re supposed to only buy gifts for others 😉

Direct links to the products below: Cats Are All Around – Black – Laptop Sleeve, Pikkupanda of Finland – Drawstring Bag, When Words Say It All – Hardcover Journal,  Cats Are All Around – Red and Blue – Hoodie. And in the shop there is much much more.

Thank you so much for all the orders I’ve gotten this Holiday season. Happy December to you all!

Cat Puppet From The Past

Once a cat lover always a cat lover. For this Friday’s lightening post I want you to meet this cat puppet I’ve done once upon a time in the primary school. I use to take all sorts of art and crafts courses with my friends in the fantastic Lasten Kulttuurikeskus (Eng. Culture Center for Kids) in Turku where I lived back then.

Him – the cat puppet – I’ve done in hand puppet course. He was spending his retirement days back in my childhood home in Turku. He had seen some rough days since half of his iron wire whiskers were gone and little piece of his nose was missing.

But since a dear friend Rinna (mother of my goddaughter) told me that her 4-year-old daughter had become interested in puppetry I took the cat puppet from the storage room in Turku to Helsinki and patched him up. Now he has painted whiskers and re-painted nose. Other than that I kept him exactly as he was. He’s so happy now to have a reborn life in a new family.

We wish you all happy weekend! Meow!
cat_puppet_ellimaanpaa_2014_1 cat_puppet_ellimaanpaa_2014_3 cat_puppet_ellimaanpaa_2014_5cat_puppet_ellimaanpaa_2014_4cat_puppet_ellimaanpaa_2014_2

Color Your World

Today I’m going to tell you story behind my Color Your World -design and about the new Society6 shop ElliMaanpaa.

It all started with my new visual art CV. I planned to make it very simple and formal with one exception: I needed one eye catching illustration for the headline. So that the overall look would be little more playful – more like me. That’s how the smiling paint brush vector graphic illustration was created.

2_coloryourworld_cv_brush_2014 copy

I liked the paint brush character so much I started to play around with it. First I created my initial letter E just for fun.


I saw potential in the simple but funny figure so I became more ambitious: I wanted to create a pattern out of it. This pattern below I named as Make Your Own Northern Lights. I used this print in the t-shirts, mugs and clocks.


I still continued experimenting. That’s how the stripe version was born. I love stripes in many different forms so it was truly exciting to create a stripe pattern of my own.


Color Your World became the name and message of the design. It’s also my philosophy in life –  the world gives you the outlines of your life that you cannot choose yourself but what you do inside the lines is only up to you. You can color every corner of your life with the color/mood of your preference. Below Color Your World Art Print in Society6.


If you’ve followed my whereabouts before you know that I have an Society6 shop by the name ElliEmiliaTale. So why did I not just post this design there? Why the new shop? The answer is that I have multiple design aesthetics inside me. I love (to make and see) tactile fragile hand drawn illustrations and watercolor paintings which ElliEmiliaTale is all about. But I also love  (to make and see) these bright clean cut vector illustrations that ElliMaanpaa will be about. To honor both styles I wanted to give them own space.

Below from up left Color Your World: Stationery Cards, Mugs, V-neck Shirt and Duvet Cover. There is much more products available in the shop so go take a look.


That’s it for today. Thank you for reading! Have a colorful weekend all!

Longer Eyelashes

During one summer day I thought about sunglasses with eyelashes. Since I hate to wear any makeup during the hot summer how handy it would be that the “makeup” would be in the sunnies instead. So I designed and drew them. The design went onwards to more abstract and artistic concept about eyelashes but I still dig the double eye effect in its cartoony way. What you think? Would you like to own a pair?
sunglasses_design_drawing_ellimaanpaa_2014_1 sunglasses_design_drawing_ellimaanpaa_2014_2 sunglasses_design_drawing_ellimaanpaa_2014_3