Cat (Art) Video

More about cats. New speed drawing video in Youtube.



Animation Newbie

I made a little showreel of the clips I did during the one week workshop with Kari Pieskä and TVPaint. Combining animatics and shor animations. I’m still a bit clumsy drawing with the wacom drawing board so you can see the difference in the amount details when I used cintiq (the kind you draw directly to the screen) instead for one day while working on the tree animation. Enjoy! P.S. Did you know that cats are affraid of cucumbers?!

Rock Cat for Ville Karttunen

Tunnet muusikko Ville Karttusen ennestään Ukkosmaine ja Hullut Hattuset bändeistä, mutta nyt Villellä on oma sooloalbumi tuloillaan. Voit ottaa osaa sooloalbumin mahdollistamiseen Villen Mesenaatti-projektin avulla. Ville pyysi minua suunnittelemaan t-paita printin projektia varten aiheena “Kissa, joka soittaa v-kitaraa”. Alla ensimmäisiä luonnoksia.

You know musician Ville Karttunen from the bands Ukkosmaine and the Hullut Hattuset but now Ville has his own solo album coming out. You can take part in making the album happen trough Ville’s Mesenaatti project. Ville asked me to design him a tee print with the theme “Cat who plays V-guitar”. Below you can see the first drafts.


Villen ohjeistus oli, ettei kissasta saa tulla liian söpö. Lisäsin katu-uskottavuutta epäsymmetrisillä yksityiskohdilla ja maanisella meiningillä. Lisäsin kissalle myös Villen pitkät hiukset.

Ville didn’t want the cat to look too cute. I added street cred by adding asymmetrical details and manic feel. I also added Ville’s long hair to the cat.


Kun olin saanut kuvan piirrettyä käsin mieleiseksi, otin siitä valokuvan ja piirsin kuvan puhtaaksi illustratorilla.

After getting the drawing look the way I wanted I photographed it and drew it over in Illustrator.


Sitten lisäsin vielä yksityiskohtia (mm. VK nimikirjaimet) ja rosoisuutta printtiin. Valmista tuli. Voit ostaa paidan mesenoimalla Villen albumia täällä.

Then I added more details (like the VK initials) and roughness to the print. And it’s done. You can by the shirt by supporting Ville’s album here.


Big And Small Cats

Tonight is the second Night Of The Cats in the Korkeasaari Zoo. I wrote a post about the event last Saturday. So last few weeks been very much about cats – small and big ones – and that can be seen in my sketch-a-day drawings as well. Here are couple of smartphone photographs of the cat adventures of my sketchbook.

First Blue Eye Kitten.


Then this Catwoman – or is it a Cat Lady.


And last but not least the Majestic Tiger. The picture does not do justice for the drawing so I might scan and post a better picture about this sketch later.


I also want you to see this little video I edited from material I filmed during the last Night of the Cats. In it all the characters from our play Kissalaakso High School say hello. It’s in Finnish but if you don’t understand the language you can still enjoy the cool masks (made by Jonna Karlström) and expressions of our felid theatre family. Tonight we have last three shows of the musical. Warmly welcome!

Happy weekend to all!

Theatre In The Night Of The Cats

I was supposed to do this post already yesterday but since it was the busy busy premiere day I just ran out of time. So instead I write the post now when the premiere and half of the shows are already beautifully behind us.

Yesterday was the 1st Kissojen Yö (Eng. Night of the Cats) in the Korkeasaari Zoo in Helsinki and the premiere of our Kissalaakso High School musical by Korkeasaaren Teatteri. The play is written, directed and composed by Lasse Turunen.


Besides acting (more about that one picture later) in the musical I did some of the illustrations we used in the internet marketing like the picture above. It’s a photograph collage I did out of stock free photographs. All the official posters used in zoo are done by their graphic designers but I’m happy they used my illustration and logo font in the posters as well.

We perform the half-hour-long musical three times a night.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I play the part of Amanda who is a geeky leopard from the drama group. Below is Amanda taking an excited selfie on the stage before show time yesterday.


Here below is the whole fantastic cast. There is the drama group (played by me, Linnea Peurakoski and Outi Oinas), the sporty cheerleaders (Henna Helasvuo, Ilona Kuusela, Anni Lampi and Nina Lampi) the cool cheetahs (Juha-Matti Kahilakoski and Niina Hartikainen), the beauty queen snow leopard Susanna (Jutta Järvinen), the dramatic teacher lynx (Laura Madekivi) and the handsome cheetah Justus who all adore (Saban Ramadani).

The 1st Night of The Cats was a success. The island was completely packed for the whole evening. Also our shows were completely full and we received a loud applause every time. People smiled, laughed and thanked us. Absolutely amazing night.

But if you missed our show the 1st time you still have chance to participate to the 2nd Night Of The Cats which is held next Friday on the 12th of September. Welcome! See you there maybe? Meooow.


Cat Puppet From The Past

Once a cat lover always a cat lover. For this Friday’s lightening post I want you to meet this cat puppet I’ve done once upon a time in the primary school. I use to take all sorts of art and crafts courses with my friends in the fantastic Lasten Kulttuurikeskus (Eng. Culture Center for Kids) in Turku where I lived back then.

Him – the cat puppet – I’ve done in hand puppet course. He was spending his retirement days back in my childhood home in Turku. He had seen some rough days since half of his iron wire whiskers were gone and little piece of his nose was missing.

But since a dear friend Rinna (mother of my goddaughter) told me that her 4-year-old daughter had become interested in puppetry I took the cat puppet from the storage room in Turku to Helsinki and patched him up. Now he has painted whiskers and re-painted nose. Other than that I kept him exactly as he was. He’s so happy now to have a reborn life in a new family.

We wish you all happy weekend! Meow!
cat_puppet_ellimaanpaa_2014_1 cat_puppet_ellimaanpaa_2014_3 cat_puppet_ellimaanpaa_2014_5cat_puppet_ellimaanpaa_2014_4cat_puppet_ellimaanpaa_2014_2

Mini Grumpies

Here are the additional small Grumpy Cat With Friends paintings I did this year. The rest of the collection I painted last Summer. But these grumpy cutie pies I painted last month. I used pencil, watercolor and ink on rice paper. I got the special paper as a souvenir from South Korea from my brother many many years ago. In the last post you can see couple of these paintings framed. The exhibition Grumpy Cat With Friends is still on in the Rikhardinkatu Library in Helsinki Finland. So if you’re around Helsinki area you have a good chance to see these original paintings. Happy weekend to all!

grumpycat_withfriends_ellimaanpaa_painting_2014_1grumpycat_withfriends_ellimaanpaa_painting_2014_2 grumpycat_withfriends_ellimaanpaa_painting_2014_3 grumpycat_withfriends_ellimaanpaa_painting_2014_4