Forest Queen’s Getaway

While on my walking adventures around Toronto I got obsessed by the Queen Anne’s Lace in their hibernation form. They look like delicate nests. So for the Matte Painting assignment I knew I wanted to use photographs I took of them as the base for a warm whimsical sunset setting. I’d like to knock on that door and be invited inside to share a cup of yogi tea. You’re welcome to join me.

mattepainting_queenslace_ellimaanpaa_2018_ - 1mattepainting_queenslace_ellimaanpaa_2018_ - 2


Rocking Duck

One of the most challenging classes for me in Centennial College 3D animation was the Introduction to Maya: Modelling and texturing with the great Bohdan Ruzycky. Maya is known to be the Mount Everest of 3D programmes. It’s a fantastic programme since you can do so much with it. But the learning curve in the beginning is super high since there is so much to learn.

After spending hours and hours in the lab working on the assignments and asking help from the teachers and student peers I got hang of the modelling. I designed and modelled this rocking duck which I’m pretty proud of. Only sadly I didn’t finish it before it was time to fly back to Finland. Without the support of the lab (both the peers and computers) I had difficulties to finalising the wooden vintage texture. I’m still pretty amazed that what I doodled turned out looking like an actual object in the real world. The magic of 3D.

Pikku Kakkonen

Here it is as promised. My masterpiece = the first 3D animation I’ve done. It’s a TV broadcast identity for the Finnish children TV channel Pikku Kakkonen. The name means Little Two… and that’s where I got the idea.

I have lot to thank to our wonderful instructor John Lee back at the Centennial College 3D animation without whom I wouldn’t have got it done. So thank you John!

Unfinished Hues

Even though I didn’t complete Huevember – which I talked about in this post – I’m still pretty amazed of the 18 digital paintings I was able to create in November-December 2017. The Penguin In The Sky (3rd from top) is probably my personal favourite. It’s based on a sketch I did earlier in ROM: Royal Ontario Museum so it’s also a memory of fun day sketching in the museum in Toronto with my dear friend Chang. Now I’ve purchased my own Wacom (finally!) so I’m definitely going to explore digital painting further. digital art illustration Elli Maanpaa 2017digital art illustration Elli Maanpaa 2017digital art illustration Elli Maanpaa 2017digital art illustration Elli Maanpaa 2017digital art illustration Elli Maanpaa 201713_huevember_elliMaanpaa_4hdigital art illustration Elli Maanpaa 2017digital art illustration Elli Maanpaa 2017digital art illustration Elli Maanpaa 201709_huevember_elliMaanpaa_9h

New Horizon Rising

It is the 1st of 1st of 2018. New year is starting. Even though 2017 is blurring out in the horizon I’m not done with the year yet. The strike stirred up the schedule: the Autumn 2017 Semester in Centennial College is still going until the 12th of January. Thanks to the modern technology it’s possible for me to sit on my red sofa back home in Turku Finland petting my cat Cocco while finalising the last assignments. I have so many ideas for the upcoming year. But before we head to 2018 lets finish the 2017. More posts about the 3D art coming up soon. Thank you for your support 2017 and Happy New Year!

toronto_photograph_ellimaanpaa_2017_ - 1toronto_photograph_ellimaanpaa_2017_ - 2

I took these photographs in the Tommy Thompson park in Toronto in November 2017.

Home Away From Home

Do you remember last summer when I was looking for a room to rent from Toronto for the Autumn? I do. It felt like a hard task since the real estate market is booming: everybody want’s to move to Toronto. But thanks to good luck angels I found a room before I it was time to move.

The home I found from Toronto was welcoming from the start, filled with good energy. My roommate became Canadian sister for me showing where to get the best deals on fresh fruits.

In these two drawings I tried to capture the spirit of my Toronto home. These are also home assignments for the Drawing for 3D animation class. The aim was to study light and reflections. I used different paper but same col-erase pencil in both of them. The first drawing is from the backyard. I always imagined two poets sitting on these chairs gossiping about the essence of life. And in the 2nd one you can see our home mascot: Tito and his eyes full of love.