Naive View

NAIVE VIEW – Interactive Art Project

Artist: Elli Maanpää 2011

I’m very optimistic happy-go-lucky person. In this interactive art work I wanted to share my somewhat naive  look of the world with others. I created sun glasses that were painted with dots, flowers and cute characters. Then I went to the streets of Pori and looked for strangers who would like to see the world trough my eyes for a minute. The people of Pori are so wonderful – almost everyone I asked said yes. Below are their portraits with my Naive View. naiveview_ellimaanpaa_2011_1 naiveview_ellimaanpaa_2011_2 naiveview_ellimaanpaa_2011_3 naiveview_ellimaanpaa_2011_4 naiveview_ellimaanpaa_2011_5


One thought on “Naive View

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