Art Kiosk


Artist: Elli Maanpää 2012

Taidekioski – Art Kiosk was an interactive art project I did in Pori Finland in the Spring 2012. I put up an atelier to old stone kiosk in Sibeliuspark for two days. Passerbyes were invited to order art from my art menu. The menu consisted traditional kiosk treats which were translated to visual elements: Soda – sizzling & bubbling smiley faces and other symbols. Candy – sweet & cute things. Ice Cream – delicious textures & shapes. Tobacco – cityscape & chimneys. Magazine – dramatic people. Lottery – never know what you’re gonna get. The customers also got to choose if they wanted a pencil/marker drawing, acrylic painting or etc. The whole thing was free of charge for the customers but every piece of art had still a value marked on them in old Finnish currency Markka. The prize was calculated based on the materials and which product it was. During the two days I did almost 40 works.

Below is a video documentation about Art kiosk. Filmed by Vesa Kuula and edited by me.


Here are some of the lovely people that came by the Art Kiosk. Only fee was the permission to take their portrait with the art work they ordered.artkiosk_ellimaanpaa_photograph_2012_1 artkiosk_ellimaanpaa_photograph_2012_7 artkiosk_ellimaanpaa_photograph_2012_6 artkiosk_ellimaanpaa_photograph_2012_5 artkiosk_ellimaanpaa_photograph_2012_4 artkiosk_ellimaanpaa_photograph_2012_3 artkiosk_ellimaanpaa_photograph_2012_2


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