'Yay' is an animal painting showcasing a lion cub gleefully adorned with a floral headscarf.
Acrylic on canvas board || 27 cm x 35 cm ||  2023
Available soon
In the heart of the savanna, amidst the golden grasses and under the vast African sky, there lived a lion cub named Leo. Born into a pride where tradition reigned supreme, Leo felt stifled by the expectations placed upon him. But deep within, a spark of individuality flickered, waiting to be ignited. 
One day, while wandering through the wilderness, Leo stumbled upon a vibrant floral piece caught on a thorn bush. Curiosity piqued, he pondered its possibilities. Should he sneeze into it or fashion it into a makeshift mattress for his naps? Then, a whimsical idea struck him: why not wrap it around his head like a scarf? As he did so, a sense of joy and freedom enveloped him, and with each step, the fabric danced around him, announcing his newfound fashion statement to the world.
As he strutted through the grasslands, Leo noticed the stares and whispers of his fellow lions. Some scoffed at his newfound attire, dismissing it as frivolous. But undeterred, Leo continued to flaunt his floral adornment with pride. His courage sparked a revolution among the pride, challenging long-held beliefs about conformity and self-expression. No longer bound by the shackles of tradition, Leo became a symbol of individuality.
With each passing day, more lions joined Leo in embracing their unique styles, adorning themselves with leaves, feathers, and flowers. Together, they redefined what it meant to be a lion, proving that true strength lies not in uniformity, but in embracing one's authentic self. 
And so, under the blazing African sun, Leo and his pride embarked on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, paving the way for a new era of acceptance and diversity in the animal kingdom. Yay. 
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