New Horizon Rising

It is the 1st of 1st of 2018. New year is starting. Even though 2017 is blurring out in the horizon I’m not done with the year yet. The strike stirred up the schedule: the Autumn 2017 Semester in Centennial College is still going until the 12th of January. Thanks to the modern technology it’s possible for me to sit on my red sofa back home in Turku Finland petting my cat Cocco while finalising the last assignments. I have so many ideas for the upcoming year. But before we head to 2018 lets finish the 2017. More posts about the 3D art coming up soon. Thank you for your support 2017 and Happy New Year!

toronto_photograph_ellimaanpaa_2017_ - 1toronto_photograph_ellimaanpaa_2017_ - 2

I took these photographs in the Tommy Thompson park in Toronto in November 2017.


Thanks for reading! So what say you?

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