Creative Storm Called CHRZU

2/3 How about school. (1st post here)

One of the most demanding (and awarding) courses from last Autumn – Turku University of Applied Sciences / Film and animation – was taught by creative maniac called Chrzu Lindström. For his class I created over 30 drawings and wrote about 20 scripts for 3-min-long animations in less than a month (as did all my animation classmates). At times I bite my teeth to be able to create the amount of ideas Chrzu demanded. But in the end it paid the prize by getting a better nose on what works storywise. Chrzu gives harsh critique but he gives it with a heart. He’s so passionated about film making that the energetic enthusiasm grips you too.

About my drawings. I tried out a bunch of different styles as you can see. Can you spot the themes: symmetry, me and my shadow, deserted island, curtains and burden? P.S. I think I’ll do something with the vampire idea: animation maybe or at least a tee print?



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