We Are Not From Here

Our digital photography course ended this week. Our last task was to create an advertisement/print for a subject of our choosing. Most of us film and animation students did a movie poster (obviously). I imagined a movie called Me emme ole täältä (Eng. We Are Not From Here). The text in the top “Koti on siellä missä sydän toivoa on” means “Home is where the heart hope is”. It’s my subtle way to comment the whole refugee situation that’s going on in the whole Europe. The movie would be a drama about overcoming the foreignness and finding the similarities. The design and editing poster is done by me but the photographs are taken by my classmate Konsta Hormia. As I took the photos for his poster. The idea of the task was 1st Articulate your idea for the photographer. 2nd The photographer takes the photos. 3rd You edit the final piece. For my imaginary film crew I chose my talented friends for example Saban Ramadani, Mirja Oksanen, Tommi Mäki and Pinja Mustajoki plus one (the only) Finnish blockbuster film producer Markus Selin. So, would you want to see this movie? Should I start writing the script?poster-movie-elli-maanpaa-2015


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