I Will Make It Happen

Today started with mixed feelings since I had to make some hard choices. Nothing too dramatic but choices of how I want’t to use my time this Autumn. Do I want to take singing lessons (yes) or take part in a improvisation course (I’d love to but couldn’t register on time). In the end of the day I felt like I did the right choices since I felt great and got even more good news (one other acting course accepted my enrollment). Jey!

Today’s sketch-a-day painting’s name is I Will Make It Happen. In the painting I used watercolor, pencil and marker. The girl in the picture looks so determined. She’s going to climb on mountains and conquer all challenges. Lets all be like that.

P.S. I also added the design to my Society6 shop Elli Emilia TaleIwillmakeithappen_sketch_ellimaanpaa_2014 Iwillmakeithappen_sketch_ellimaanpaa_2014_2 determined_ellimaanpaa_insta_2014


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