With Diamonds

“Diamonds are girl’s best friend” they say. I’m not sure if I agree since it does sound quite a lonely life to have only cold shiny diamonds as your best friend. I prefer something that can love you back. Still I do think diamonds are pretty. Especially I love the simplified shape of the diamond when it’s drawn. This watercolor work started as a platform for a crazy diamond pattern. But the message is that despite the huge amount of diamonds around the girl herself is the biggest diamond of all just the way she is.

Here is a making of photographs of the progress. I started with a pencil sketch and then added layers of watercolor.


For the pattern I wanted brighter colors so I used ink instead of watercolor.


Only thing still missing is the floating diamonds.


Here below is the finalized illustration With Diamonds.


Some details. First close up of the face. I kept it very natural.


2nd close up – the pattern: diamonds, plus sign, round seeds and ribbons.


Have an absolutely diamondy week!


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