Cottage Mania

If you’ve been following my instagram you’ve probably noticed glimpses of cottage paintings every once in a while. Last week I got the cottage assignment finished so now I can share some images with you. My task was to create 2nd edition of Cottage Books to cottages in Ähtäri: Orava (Eng. Squirrel) and Mustikka (Eng. Blueberry).cottage_ellimaanpaa_illustration_2014_4

Here you can see some making of -photographs of the illustration progress. I worked with pencil, color pencils, watercolors and inks. Then I scanned the picture and perfected it in Phototshop. First Majatalo Orava.

cottage_ellimaanpaa_2014_duo1 cottage_ellimaanpaa_2014_duo2

Then Mustikka.

cottage_ellimaanpaa_2014_duo3 cottage_ellimaanpaa_2014_duo4cottage_ellimaanpaa_illustration_2014_3

For the most of the other illustrations I used the ones I did last summer since the subjects were the same but there was couple of Ähtäri tourist attractions that needed a new picture. For example below are the happy shoppers visiting Veljekset Keskinen.

cottage_ellimaanpaa_2014_duo5 cottage_ellimaanpaa_2014_duo6cottage_ellimaanpaa_illustration_2014_1

And here is the cute bear of Ähtäri Zoo.

cottage_ellimaanpaa_2014_duo7 cottage_ellimaanpaa_2014_duo8cottage_ellimaanpaa_illustration_2014_2

In addition I made deal to created an artistic advertisement poster of the cottages to display in our HEYA workroom window which is located in the vibrant area of Ullanlinna in Helsinki. It’s a win-win both to HEYA and the cottages.


If you’re looking for luxury holiday cottage to rent for a week or two in Finland take a look at

Lovely week to all!


Thanks for reading! So what say you?

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