Raining Outside

The day I drew this it was raining heavily outside so I decided to stay indoors at the Heya workroom little longer and make one more picture for the sketch-a-day challenge. I used a fashion photograph from old Glamour magazine as a reference. As my tools I had watercolor, pencil, marker and correction pen (highlights of the eyes).

P.S. I was celebrating my 29th birthday the day before yesterday. We took an old cruise ship J.L. Runeberg to Porvoo to spend the sunny day there. It was lovely day. I might show you some photographs later. rainingoutside_ellimaanpaa_illustration_2014_1 rainingoutside_ellimaanpaa_illustration_2014_2 rainingoutside_ellimaanpaa_illustration_2014_3


One thought on “Raining Outside

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