Dog King

When I told my friend I was designing an illustration about dogs his first response was “I’m sorry“. He saw me so much as a cat person (I’ve done many paintings and illustrations about cats) that he tough that designing dogs would not be so fun for me. But it really is quite the opposite. Yes I love cats but I love dogs too. I’m like this.

What I adore about dogs is that they always seem be full of joy. Also they can’t hide their feelings at all. Imagine a human with a dog tail trying to say “No, I’m not at all excited to see you again” but the tail waving like crazy. Would you believe the words or the tail? Cats are loving and mysterious. Dogs are loving and honest.

Now let’s talk about the design. I did this Dog King illustration to Hau-Hau Champion illustration contest. The task was to design dog cup, tablet and a print for a t-shirt with the theme Passionate About Dogs. Judges chose 9 designs to the finals and my Dog King made it to the finalists. Jey! You can vote the design in facebook Hau-Hau Champion page by liking the picture. The winner is chosen by the amount of likes in the facebook. Below more about the making of the design.

dog_king_hauhauchampion_ellimaanpaa_design_2014_4The story of this design starts from the jogging trail. One day I saw a man running with a t-shirt that had a A4 size photograph of a running dog. Maybe it was his own dog in the picture I figured since  the shirt had self-made vibe. Designed wise I thought that is a great idea for a t-shirt print. How much fun it’s to run in a good company you’ll have only by wearing this shirt!dog_king_hauhauchampion_ellimaanpaa_design_2014_5Doodling is important part of the designing process. Trying out different dimensions and characters.


Then some hard work at the computer (at the Heya workroom). I’m finalizing the four happy chaps.


One of my favorite parts (aren’t they all) is trying out different color options. Here is yellow-orange-purple version of the doggies.


But in the end I decided to go with only 4 bright and bold colors: red, yellow, black and white – to keep the design compact and graphic. Below is the t-shirt print. That is 3 color print on a red shirt.


The dog food cup’s image area is very wide so I made it like a dog fortress. These guys won’t share their food (unless you’re really nice person and give them some treats in return).

dog_king_hauhauchampion_ellimaanpaa_design_2014_8 dog_king_hauhauchampion_ellimaanpaa_design_2014_9

And last but not least is the pattern for the tablet: Dog King craziness. Hope you like it. If you do please like it also here and share the design joy with friends. Thank you so much!



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