Beginning Of The Dumpster Dive Princess

Little over year ago – while I was working on my thesis – one sleepless night I got an idea for a children’s book. The story of Dyykkariprinsessa (in English: Dumpster Dive Princess) came to my mind. It’s a tale about a girl who finds a crown from the dumpster and starts to think about why some people have so much and some so little. I had to climb up from the bed and write down the story. I knew that I couldn’t start working on it right away. I had to finish up the thesis first. Which I did and became the Master of Arts (Art and Design) Yippey! But after that I didn’t manage to get back to the book idea… until two weeks ago. I finally opened the story line file and started to plan out how to make the book into reality.

dyykkariprinsessa_ellimaanpaa_illustration_2014_4I started by doodling the story into illustrated spreads. I kept in mind that the amount of the pages needs to be divided by four. That is because of the binding of the book. Then I started designing visually the characters.dyykkariprinsessa_ellimaanpaa_illustration_2014_8My main heroin is redhead girl Milli with green eyes in a yellow dotted dress.dyykkariprinsessa_ellimaanpaa_illustration_2014_6dyykkariprinsessa_ellimaanpaa_illustration_2014_7She has a little brother – who I just call Pikkuveli which means little brother in Finnish. And cat named Mauku. I work with watercolors, pencil and ink.dyykkariprinsessa_ellimaanpaa_illustration_2014_3Also there is mom and dad (on right below). They don’t have names yet.dyykkariprinsessa_ellimaanpaa_illustration_2014_5Plus some other characters will come up on the way.dyykkariprinsessa_ellimaanpaa_illustration_2014_1 dyykkariprinsessa_ellimaanpaa_illustration_2014_2

I’m so happy I got the project finally started. The book will be in Finnish. There is lot of work to do but only by making it it will come to reality. I feel so excited working on it. I promise to keep you guys posted about the progression of the project. Wish me luck!


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