Cool Cat

Now I need you’re help! I’ve participated in a poster design contest organized by Paulig Frezza. Frezza is a cold coffee drink which comes in 4 different flavors: Latte, Forte, Mocca, Vanilla. Their slogan is Viilenny Frezzalla which means Get Cool With Frezza. In my poster illustration (below) I combined visual elements I love: cat, mustache and a little bit retro feel. The brown shades I borrowed from the new Frezza bottle colors and brighten the color map with pink and turquoise. You can see my design below. Like it?

Good! Now please also like it here since the winner is chosen by the amount of likes. The voting goes on until the 12th of June. The winner gets her design displayed as a huge print to the centrum of Helsinki next Summer and 5000€. Would be pretty cool! If I win I’ll offer all the people who vote and share my design coffees (Frezza of course) in our workroom Heya in Helsinki! Thank you for your support!coolcat_frezza_ellimaanpaa_2014_nettiP.S. Below is additional making of photograph. I love love love the fact I can carry my office anywhere with me. This time I worked in the Turku Library since I’m in town visiting my parents. I wonder if the young man in the right corner is taking a picture as well? If you’re visiting Turku I highly recommend visiting the library – it’s simply a lovely place.coolcat_makingof_ellimaanpaa_2014


Thanks for reading! So what say you?

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