Mini Grumpies

Here are the additional small Grumpy Cat With Friends paintings I did this year. The rest of the collection I painted last Summer. But these grumpy cutie pies I painted last month. I used pencil, watercolor and ink on rice paper. I got the special paper as a souvenir from South Korea from my brother many many years ago. In the last post you can see couple of these paintings framed. The exhibition Grumpy Cat With Friends is still on in the Rikhardinkatu Library in Helsinki Finland. So if you’re around Helsinki area you have a good chance to see these original paintings. Happy weekend to all!

grumpycat_withfriends_ellimaanpaa_painting_2014_1grumpycat_withfriends_ellimaanpaa_painting_2014_2 grumpycat_withfriends_ellimaanpaa_painting_2014_3 grumpycat_withfriends_ellimaanpaa_painting_2014_4


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