Brown Sketchbook

Do you know the thrill of new art supplies? In other aspects I’m quite reasonable consumer but when it comes to art supplies I could have all the different tools in the world. Especially new sketchbooks excite me so much – just think about those empty pages waiting to be drawn on. Last week I followed my urge and bought this new brown sketchbook. Yesterday I opened it and filled the first page with this drawing: Girl Sitting On a Sofa. I loved drawing on the brown paper. It gave me even more options to use shadows (black) and light (white) since the paper is in the mid tone. You can see the pencils I used – pencil, color pencils, black marker and correction marker – in the last photograph taken with my phone. What do you think? Have you tried brown paper yourself?girlonasofa_ellimaanpaa_drawing_2014_1 girlonasofa_ellimaanpaa_drawing_2014_2 sketch_ellimaanpaa_2704_2014_2


4 thoughts on “Brown Sketchbook

  1. Love the brown paper – I ordered a new notebook recently, when it arrived, I discovered it had brown paper in it and I had to use it for drawing – brown paper has an excellent quality, couldn’t agree with you more 🙂

    • Thanks Lynne for the comment! I got it from an special art supply store near my home in Punavuori area in Helsinki. I’m now away from home traveling so I cannot check what the brand of the sketchbook was but I’ll do that when I get back home. It’s great book to draw on.

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