1st Bird Girl

This post is dedicated to the making of the 1st Bird Girl -painting which some of you might have seen already in the facebook pagebirdlady_1_ellimaanpaa_painting_sketch_20147The pencil sketch (above in left) is done in January and the painting version of it I did in March. Here is how the painting evolved. I used again my lovely russian gouache paints (thanks to Anna who cave them to me as Christmas present!).

birdlady_1_ellimaanpaa_painting_2014 birdlady_1_ellimaanpaa_painting_2014_2 birdlady_1_ellimaanpaa_painting_2014_3 birdlady_1_ellimaanpaa_painting_2014_4 birdlady_1_ellimaanpaa_painting_2014_5

As you can see my painting style this time was as sketchy as the pencil sketch. It’s so much fun to paint this freely. Just have fun with the brushes and color. Here (below) is the finalized painting. If you like it like a crazy you can order a print of it from my Society6 shop. How handy is that! Have a happy Wednesday!

Bird Lady 1 - Painting by Elli Maanpää 2014

Bird Lady 1 – Painting by Elli Maanpää 2014



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