Elli Maanpää

Animated Painter


Wounded Snowy Owl


I was in high school when I fell in love with Hugo Simberg‘s dark but fairy-tale-like paintings. I even named our cat after Simberg’s pet guinea pig (the name was Pikke). Making Simberg’s famous Haavoittunut enkeli (Eng. Wounded Angel) from the year 1903 with the endangered Snowy owl and European mink was one of the first ideas I had when planning the paintings for the Uhanalaiset -exhibition. My paintings name is Haavoittunut ukuli (Eng. Wounded snowy owl) and it’s painted with acrylics on a 80cm x 65cm canvas. It costs 1250€ and it’s still available. Below you can see some progress photographs.

P.S. It’s a convenient day to post about this painting since I’m down with a cold. So I feel like the wounded angel and my boyfriend is the true angel by bringing me fruits, juices and soup from the corner store. Lucky me. Take care you all!

2 Comments on “Wounded Snowy Owl”

  1. Simber’s original is stunning and so is this one. I showed pictures of your paintings today to friends, “Toipilas” got a lot of praise and one friend is determined to see the show in Korkeasaari. Hope your cold gets better soon!

    • Thank you Linnea for the comment and the wishes. “Toipilas” has been one of the most liked of the bunch (among Virgin Snow and Dreaming about Amur). Next blog post will be about Toipilas. I’m glad you friend is gonna visit the exhibit. There is still plenty of time until the 14th of September. Cheers and hugs Linnea!