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Want a Postcard?


Would you like to receive a self-made…postcard_project_sketch_ellimaanpaa_2014_1



…from me?


Yesterday I got an lovely idea thanks to my mom who asked me to draw a “Thank you” -card for our relatives. There is still couple of months left of my sketch-a-day challenge. For the whole year I’ve been sketching daily – sometimes big and bold paintings and sometimes small little doodles. That has lead to the fact that all my storage room for drawings/paintings is running out. For the next month (meaning October) I’m going to draw my sketches to postcard sized paper and then sent them to you.

Would you like to receive one? If yes comment “I’d love to receive a postcard” to the comment box and send me your postal address by email elli(at)maanpaa.com or direct message in facebookSo since there is 31 days in October there will be 31 postcards in total. The first 31 addresses will receive self-made postcard from me. I’m excited. Hope you’re too!

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    • After the 28th postcard that is now reserved for you Iiris there is 3 postcards left. Jey! Please sen me your snail mail address to elli(at)maanpaa.com and we are good to go!

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