Elli Maanpää

Visual Artist

Exhibition - WABGNET: Shine the Light - 16 Feb to 28 Feb 2021 - Flamingo-Jumbon Galleria, Vantaa

WABGNET – Shine The Light



DATE: 16 Feb – 28 Feb 2021
PLACE: Jumbo-Flamingo Galleria, Vantaa, Finland

WABGNET first ever pop-up exhibition “Shine The Light” at the Flamingo-Jumbo Gallery near the Helsinki Airport. Some artists will be present at the gallery at Tuesday 16.2. time: 18:00 onwards, some will be connecting via remote stream. View the stream at WABGNET Instagram as IGTV Live. Artist MEAS site specific live performance will be streamed. The performance begins time: 18:15.

I’m exhibition some of my latest figurative acrylic paintings about nature and humans merged together. The paintings are available to purchase. Also some of my Art Postcards are available in the gallery.

Elli Maanpää
Anna Inginmaa
Noora Kämppi
Tiia Henriksson
Lotta Sirén
Rigulio Graak
Riika Anundi Showroom

More info & opening times:

WABGNET - "Shine The Light" taidenäyttely Jumbo-Flamingo Galleriassa 2021

WABGNET – “Shine The Light” taidenäyttely Jumbo-Flamingo Galleriassa 2021