Elli Maanpää

Visual Artist

Elli Maanpää: Lukijat, Ikkunagalleria Elli, taidenäyttely, Helsinki 2022

Taidenäyttely: Ikkunagalleria Elli – Lukijat


Lukijat (Eng. Readers)

⫸ 11 Jan – 28 Feb 2022
⫸ Ikkunagalleria Elli, Mechelininkatu 13, Helsinki

First exhibition in my Atelier window in Etu-Töölö Helsinki Finland. Since the exhibition is outdoors – only in the window – it’s 100% save to attend. 

When I read a compelling book I dive in it like it’s a hot bath. Books take us to new universes, eras and cultures. They let us live other lives and help us understand the humanity little better.

I’ve wanted to paint people reading since I saw painting by Magnus Enckell in Ateneum in 2020. It was portrait of a reading girl. The girl was so absorbed in the reading it was peaceful to observe her.

As a reference for my paintings I used copyright free vintage photographs. You can sense the retro vibes in the the clothing and hairdos. The Readers have been painted with six shades of acrylic paint directly on the background panel of the frame.

The paintings are for sale.