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How to Save Money as an Artist And as a Human Being

How to save money as an artist - 10 tips on saving money by Elli's Illustration

10 plus TIPS on SAVING MONEY as an artist I’ve become a master at saving money during the last year. After graduation I gave myself one year to proof myself that I can make it – I can live this way – I can stay as a freelancer artist and be my own boss. If

Make Art Every Day

MAKE ART EVERY DAY // Elli Maanpää Blog 2018

Make art every day …with some additions and exceptions. I’ve been making art pretty much daily for four years and this is some stuff I’ve learned along the way. MAKE ART EVERY DAY – SINCE IT BECOMES A HABIT I started 2014 with the new year resolution that I would draw every single day. You

Sweet Procrastination

Elli Maanpää Digital Art 2018

Sweet procrastination. Days go by while thinking about the things that should be done some day in the near future. Not today but maybe tomorrow. After finishing my January goals I’ve now spent about a week in a state of mind where I’m productive without a clear aim. I’ve been drawing a lot with my


The time has come. My Elli Maanpää Art channel reached the 100 subscribers limit and now I got my own YouTube url ellimaanpaaart. To thank you I decided to do an art giveaway. So you can get this Aqua Marker Watercolour original art piece by commenting what is your favourite things to do during the