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Turku Animated Film Festival Exhibition in Photographs

Augmented Paintings by Elli Maanpää in Turku Animated Film Festival 2019 @ Paavo Pykäläinen Photography

Turku Animated Film Festival – TAFF 2019 ended yesterday. I loved being able to take part both in person and having my Augmented Paintings exhibited there. The five festival days were packed with all sorts of animation art. I probably saw about 60 short animation films both fiction, documentaries and art installations. You can see the

Moments from the UHANALAISET Opening


Yesterday was the opening of the UHANALAISET (Eng. Endangered) art exhibition in the Karhulinna in Korkeasaari Zoo. Here are photographs from the event taken by my beloved V. Kuula. Enjoy! Hey! It’s my painting and name in the poster. Cool.It was easy to smile. All ten paintings I did during this summer were here and

Virgin Snow


Here is the making of -photographs of the painting Virgin Snow which is part of the UHANALAISET art exhibition. I was inspired by the great Finnish painter Albert Edelfelt’s painting of her French lover and muse Virginie from the year 1883. My muse was the very endangered and beautiful animal Snow leopard. Below you can see my progress



Let’s continue with the Uhanalaiset / Endangered painting progress stories. For now on I’ll keep it mostly visual. This one is called Elonaali (in the picture below in right) and it was inspired by famous Finnish oat meal brand Elovena (the package in left). The original Elovena girl illustration was made by Joel Viktor Räsänen in 1925.

Uhanalaiset – Endangered


UHANALAISET -taidenäyttelyn valmistelu on mennyt kovaa vauhtia eteenpäin. Näyttely pidetään Korkeasaaren Karhulinnalla. Avajaiset ovat perjantaina 31.7. klo 16-18 ja näyttely on auki 14.9.2015 asti eläintarhan aukioloaikoina. Taidenäyttelyinfo löytyy myös facebookista. ENDANGERED -art exhibition preparation are coming along beautifully. The exhibition is in the Karhulinna in the Korkeasaari Zoo. The opening is on the Friday 31st of