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Take Me To The Sea

"Take me to the sea", Procreate, Elli Maanpää, 2020

TAKE ME TO THE SEA Elli Maanpää 2020 // Procreate on iPad “Take Me to the Sea” painting is based on a photograph by Vision Pic from Pexels. In the video I show my process when painting a digital image from reference photograph. First I paint with a large brush to get the color composition

Moon Gazing

"Moon Gazing", Procreate, Elli Maanpää, 2020

MOON GAZING Elli Maanpää 2020 // Procreate on iPad “Moon Gazing” digital painting is inspired by Halloween. It’s based on a photograph by Oleg Magni from Pexels. Speed painting of my painting process available below. Painted with Apple pencil in Procreate App in 6th generation iPad. 2020

Tyrannosaurus Tietta

My 3-year-old godson Viljo had a request for my art channel. He wanted to see “fierce angry Trannosaurus Tietta” so this week I drew my very first dinosaurus. I used an old board – which I’ve used as a colour palette before – as the canvas and worked with oil pastels and acrylic paints. It

Brand New Me

Sometimes it’s time for a change and this week was one of them. I chose to redo my profile picture. I used the old photograph loosely as a reference but I added some important  extra parts like my cat Cocco the Coconut Boy. Nowadays he does everything with me so he deserves some profile picture

What Do You Think About Tracing?

On this week’s video on Elli Maanpää Art I ponder aloud if tracing in art is ok. What do you think? I’d love to hear your comments. While talking about it I speed paint the painting for our puppet animation. The painting – both 3D and 2D version – is inspired by Picasso and Mondrian.

Aid For Imagination

Has that happened to you that you’d like to draw something from your imagination but when you stare at that blank sheet of paper all the ideas you had just a moment ago, vanishes? It for sure has happened to me. When I’m ready to fall asleep or walking outside my mind is full of

High On Spring

We are approaching the end of the first third of 2017 and it means that Seasons are about to change. It’s hard to talk about proper Spring when there is still snow in the ground here in Turku but as an optimist I’m already all about the Spring. This weeks video is first of it’s