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Classmate Sketching

Sometimes I get shy when sketching people in public. People often sense that someone is looking at them. If they catch me staring at them I get embarrassed. Some people smile and that smile I love. That means they give their approval. They are ok that I’m inspired by their appearance. But if they seem

Draw Something Every Day

I have a strong work ethic on everything I love to do: art, design, animation. There is the constant need for improvement. I’ve been drawing daily for maybe three years now. Of course I’ve always drawn a lot but about three years ago I started the 365-drawings-a-year challenge. After the year ended I chose to

Water On Nonexistent Planet

I finally reached the end of my sketchbook. When I had only one spread left I asked what should I draw on it in my instagram @ellimaanpaa. I got two great answers: 1st Draw a nonexistent planet & 2nd Draw a landscape with water. I decided to try to combine these two. I drew the

Coffee and Doodling

Dood Elli Doo 2016

I love to sit in nice cafes and doodle. That’s what I’m gonna do a lot this summer too. This weeks Dood Elli Doo was about coffee shop doodling. The main speed painting was sketched while sitting in the window seat of the wonderful Cafe Kokko in Helsinki while sipping tasty cappucino. Then the giant

Postcards Without The Project

Postcard sketch Elli Maanpää 2014-2015

Postikorttiprojektin jälkeen olen jatkanut postikorttipapereille piirtämistä. Olet saattanut nähdä osan näistä piirustuksista instagram-tililläni @ellimaanpaa aiemmin. After the Postcard Project I have continue sketching on the postcard papers. You might have seen some of these drawings in my instagram account @ellimaanpaa earlier. Jos minulla ei ole musteita käden ulottuvilla olen käyttänyt väritykseen myös puuvärejä, … If I haven’t had inks at hand

Splash of Color

Elli Maanpää art 2014-2015

Liilasävyinen kuva viime vuoden lokakuulta (alla oikealla) on ensimmäisiä luonnoksia joissa käytin musteläikkämaalausta pohjana lyijykynäpiirustukselle.  On miltei taianomaista miten väriläiskät saavat rennosta luonnoksesta syntymään paljon valmiimman taideteoksen. Käytinkin tekniikkaa paljon mm. postikorttiprojektissa. That lilac shade picture from October last year (below on right) is one of the first sketches where I used colorful ink-splash-painting as a base