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Mirror Selfie 2

Elli Maanpää: Mirror Selfie. Acrylic on recycled mirror. 30cm x 30cm. 2020/2021.

ELLI MAANPÄÄ MIRROR SELFIE MATERIAL: Acrylic on recycled mirror SIZE: 30 cm x 30 cm YEAR: 2020/2021 Acrylic painting self portrait on a recycled mirror. This painting started as a test for the HELENE20 painting in the summer 2020. I re-found this painting in 2021 and decided continue it. Painting on a mirror invites the viewer to participate and

Blind Contour Self Portrait

This was one of the exercise we’ve done for Beverley Ransom‘s wonderful Drawing for 3D Modelling and Animation -course. Blind Contour is a drawing technique where you draw the contour of an subject – in this case my own face – while you’re not allowed to look at the paper. You can look at your drawing

Brand New Me

Sometimes it’s time for a change and this week was one of them. I chose to redo my profile picture. I used the old photograph loosely as a reference but I added some important  extra parts like my cat Cocco the Coconut Boy. Nowadays he does everything with me so he deserves some profile picture

I Am Ready 2016


The year 2015 is coming to an end. And what a year it has been. I got my first personal art grant. I held my biggest (so far) art exhibition. I started studying (my fervors) animation and film. I moved back to my home town Turku (even though half of me is still in my