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+- Pihka Is My Name

Elli Maanpää: +- Pihka Is My Name 2020

+- PIHKA IS MY NAME Music Video: Elli Maanpää // Music: Pihka Is My Name – Henna Helasvuo and Lasse Turunen // Length: 02:23 min // 2020 // Pihka is an imaginary friend of a boy grown out of needing an imaginary friend. The single ‘+-‘ and video are about Pihka discovering the beauty of northern nature

Painting Portfolio Update

Contemporary Painting Portfolio Update, Elli Maanpää. 2020

I UPDATED MY PAINTING PORTFOLIO I added lots of NEW ART from 2020 and 2019 to my painting portfolio. I’ve been quite productive especially with painting on recycled stuff and portraits. I’ve been painting on dia slides, wine corks, coins and much more. Also the portrait painting is something I’ve enjoyed a lot recently. One impressive