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Party Hat Cat Pattern

Memphis Birthday Cat pattern // Elli Maanpää pattern 2018

PARTY HAT CAT -PATTERN Elli Maanpää 2018 // Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop Memphis Birthday Cat pattern was originally Cocco’s (my cat) idea. He wanted to have pillow to take naps on our balcony. Since we both like the design aesthetics of the Memphis group we decided to use that as an inspiration for the pattern design.

Hugging Trees

hugging trees illustration Elli Maanpää

HUGGING TREES Hugging Trees is a illustration project where I wanted to express my affection to forest. There is a study that people are generally happier if they can see at least 10 trees from the home window. I also turned the illustration to tiling pattern. The design is for sale in my Redbubble shop. 2017