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Elli Maanpää: Nymph. Acrylic on board. 30cm x 30cm. 2021.

ELLI MAANPÄÄ NYMPH MATERIAL: Acrylic paint on board SIZE: 30 cm x 30 cm YEAR: 2021 Acrylic painting of a beautiful nymph surrounded by exotic flowers. See me paint this painting in Instagram. “Nymph” is part of the WABGNET “Shine the Light” -exhibition in Flamingo-Jumbo Gallery in February 2021. AVAILABLE

Hold On

Elli Maanpää: Hold On. Acrylic on cotton panel. 21cm x 27cm. 2021.

ELLI MAANPÄÄ HOLD ON MATERIAL: Acrylic paint on canvas panel SIZE: 21 cm x 27 cm YEAR: 2021 Acrylic painting of a female hand holding flowers. “Hold On” is part of the WABGNET “Shine the Light” -exhibition in Flamingo-Jumbo Gallery in February 2021. AVAILABLE

Blending In

Elli Maanpää: Blending In. Acrylic on old gouache and ink painting/ wood panel. 15cm x 15cm. 2017/2021.

ELLI MAANPÄÄ BLENDING IN MATERIAL: Acrylic paint on old painting/ wood panel SIZE: 15 cm x 15 cm YEAR: 2017/2021 Acrylic painting of a woman in the forest meadow surrounded by bunnies. I painted first version of the painting in 2017 with gouache and ink. 2021 I continued the painting with brighter shades of acrylic. “Blending In” is


Elli Maanpää: Bliss. Acrylic on old painting/ wood panel. 50cm x 60cm. 2021.

ELLI MAANPÄÄ BLISS MATERIAL: Acrylic paint on board SIZE: 50 cm x 60 cm YEAR: (2012)2021 Acrylic painting of a meditating woman blossoming. This is an old painting I’ve done during figure drawing class in my M.A. studies in Aalto University. It was exhibited in my solo show in S-Galleria Helsinki in 2014. In 2020 I hang

In The Meadow Little Sister

Elli Maanpää: "In The Meadow - Little Sister" Acrylic on cardboard. 20cm x 20cm. 2020.

ELLI MAANPÄÄ IN THE MEADOW – LITTLE SISTER MATERIAL: Acrylic on cardboard SIZE: 20 cm x 20 cm YEAR: 2020 Acrylic painting of a profile view of a smiling young woman with flowers in her head. This is a sister piece for the “In The Meadow” -painting exhibited and sold from the “Beyond The Horizon” -exhibition. Photograph of


Elli Maanpää, Kuvaaja: Fabrik 2020

HELENE20-taidetukiprojekti tallentaa korona-aikaa taiteen avulla. Koronakevät on ollut ahdistava, jopa lamauttava. Se on silti tarjonnut myös inspiroivia mahdollisuuksia. Niistä yhtenä on Helsinki Hospitalin HELENE20-taidetukiprojekti. TULEVAISUUDEN TAITEILIJAT Kuusi nuorta taiteilijaa valittiin 114 hakijan joukosta HELENE20-projektiin. Minun lisäkseni taiteilijat ovat Emilio Mäkipää, Janne Jääskeläinen, Aura Latva-Somppi, Marika Schulze ja Alma Peltola. Me teemme kesän aikana itsenäisesti taideteoksen

Tove And Tuuti

Elli Maanpää: Laughing Tove, Acrylic paint on cotton canvas pad, 21x 29,7cm, 2020

TOVE AND TUUTI Elli Maanpää 2020 // 2 acrylic paintings on cotton canvas pad After I painted the first Tove Jansson I got requests to make another one. This time she was hoped to be accompanied by her life partner Tuulikki Pietilä. Tove and Tuuti were both artists. Their atelier apartments were in neighbour buildings

Loop: The Bipolarity of Creativity

"Luuppi" Acrylic on canvas. Elli Maanpää. 30 x 40 cm. 2020.

LOOP: THE BIPOLARITY OF CREATIVITY Elli Maanpää 2020 // Acrylic painting on 4 canvases I studied visually the bipolar nature of creative life. Before deadline – which can be an art exhibition or film festival for example – the days are quite manic. Working long hours while being overly excited. Then after the event comes

After all, tomorrow is another day – Alice In Wonderland

Elli Maanpää: After all, tomorrow is another day - Alice In Wonderland, Acrylic paint on canvas, 100x150cm, 2020

ELLI MAANPÄÄ AFTER ALL, TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY // ALICE IN WONDERLAND MATERIAL: Acrylic on canvas SIZE: 100cm x 150mm YEAR: 2020 Acrylic painting of a woman in the cotton field ready to escape to the nature. I used blind contour technique in the sketching process. I had named the painting by the famous quote from the movie Gone