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Exhibition - Elli Maanpää: Uhanalaiset (Eng. Endangered) - 1 Aug - 14 Aug 2015 - Korkeasaari, Helsinki, Finland

ELLI MAANPÄÄ UHANALAISET / ENDANGERED DATE: 1 Aug – 14 Sept 2015 PLACE: Korkeasaari, Helsinki, Finland Elli Maanpää’s UHANALAISET -exhibition opens today in Karhulinna in Korkeasaari Zoo. Maanpää is reimagining classic Finnish paintings with endangered animals. Welcome to the exhibition opening today 30th of July 2015 at 4pm-6pm. 

Virgin Snow


Here is the making of -photographs of the painting Virgin Snow which is part of the UHANALAISET art exhibition. I was inspired by the great Finnish painter Albert Edelfelt’s painting of her French lover and muse Virginie from the year 1883. My muse was the very endangered and beautiful animal Snow leopard. Below you can see my progress