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Look For The Winter Light

Winter in Finland can feel like lifetime in Mordor. There is days when I feel like I’m living in the never ending night surrounded only by darkness. But as you know: light looks the brightest next to a shadow. So when the missed sun rises above the horizon there couldn’t be prettier place to be. Also

Siblings In The Sunlight

siblings, painting, portrait, 2014

Hyvää uutta vuotta! Vuosi 2015 on alkanut vauhdikkaasti ja on vuoden 1. blogipostauksen aika. Nyt voin näyttää teille teokset, joita tein joulupukin lahjasäkkiin. Tässä on potretti suloisista sisaruksista. Happy New Year! The year 2015 has started beautifully and it’s time for the 1st blog post of the year. Now I can show you some of