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Hold On

Elli Maanpää: Hold On. Acrylic on cotton panel. 21cm x 27cm. 2021.

ELLI MAANPÄÄ HOLD ON MATERIAL: Acrylic paint on canvas panel SIZE: 21 cm x 27 cm YEAR: 2021 Acrylic painting of a female hand holding flowers. “Hold On” is part of the WABGNET “Shine the Light” -exhibition in Flamingo-Jumbo Gallery in February 2021. AVAILABLE

Painting Portfolio Update

Contemporary Painting Portfolio Update, Elli Maanpää. 2020

I UPDATED MY PAINTING PORTFOLIO I added lots of NEW ART from 2020 and 2019 to my painting portfolio. I’ve been quite productive especially with painting on recycled stuff and portraits. I’ve been painting on dia slides, wine corks, coins and much more. Also the portrait painting is something I’ve enjoyed a lot recently. One impressive

Art Print Giveaway

Art Giveaway // Elli Maanpää Art Blog 2018

ART GIVEAWAY time! There is an Art Print Giveaway going both in my Instagram @ellimaanpaa and in my Facebook Page Elli Maanpää Art. The details how to enter and what-not are all there. Go check them out by clicking the image. I’m giving away gallery-quality giclée art prints with my Penguin and Angry Bird illustrations.

What I’ve Learned

33-years-old // What I've learned // Elli Maanpää Blog 2018

What I’ve learned before turning 33-years-young. It was my birthday yesterday and here is some simple things I’ve learned along my 33-years-of-living. I’m never too old to to learn new things / start studying new subjects. I’m never too old to be a kid at heart. There’s no generally approved “life plan” that I need to

Art Progress

Art Progress // Aspiring Artist Elli Maanpää Blog 2018

Art progress – or art journey – is not a straight line from not-being-an-artist to being-an-artist. As an aspiring artist I’m still only starting but I can share a little bit of my personal art progress. I’ve stumbled upon a lot of my old art works lately since I’m turning my old childhood room into

Childhood Week

Childhood Week was awesome.  I got five out of the seven prompts done and I’m super pleased with that. I have now brand new illustrations to show you. I’m also going to share the stories that inspired the artworks. In case you missed it, I talked more about what the Childhood Week is in the

Change Ahead

Change Ahead // Life update // Elli Maanpää 2018

Change is ahead. But that is good since only thing constant in life is change. I got great news this Monday. Next Fall I’m going to do internship in an exciting firm in Helsinki. I’m going to tell more about that later. This is fabulous but it also means I need to speed up with

Enviously Yours

Enviously Yours: Two Face // Elli Maanpää illustration from 2010

Envy. It usually takes over me when I’m browsing my Instagram feed. Oh their art is absolutely gorgeous: Why I’m not as good as them? Oh they look fabulous: Why I don’t look like them? Oh they are travelling the world: Why I’m sitting on my sofa looking at THEIR travel photographs? Oh they have

Aspiring Artist Blog – New Posts On Tuesdays

Elli Maanpää Art Trailer 2018

Welcome to the aspiring artist and animation student blog. I decided to simplify my posting schedule a little bit. For now on there’s a new blog posts every Tuesday. Every other Tuesday the post is also a vlog: a video published in my Elli Maanpää Art YouTube Channel. But my main focus is in my own

Easter Feast

Easter Egg Art by Elli Maanpää // Fazer Mignon // 2018

I’m little late to the Easter party since it is already the Easter Monday. But nevertheless: Happy Easter 2018! I enjoyed my Fazer Mignon to the fullest by creating some Easter egg art. We travelled to west coast of Finland with my loved ones – bearded boyfriend Vesa and Cocco-the-Cat – to visit our family. I’ve